How to Select Perfect Flowers For a Bouquet?



Everyone understands, if you want your arrangement to stay attractive for a long time, flowers in it have to be fresh. However, flower designers often attempt to offer away wilting, dying flowers. Usually, they aim to trick you by doing the following:

1. Cut off reduced parts of the stems, manage completely dry as well as dark fallen leaves.

2. Put worn out flowers right into a fridge for time.

3. Add various chemicals right into the water.

4. When producing an arrangement, cover each flower with intense paper or cellophane.

5. Add both fresh and wilting blossoms right into large floral arrangements.

6. Apply bangles and dyes on flowers.

In order not to be tricked, as well as choose a really good and fresh blossoms, you have to very carefully take a look at recommended flowers.

Indications of excellent fresh blossoms:

1. Fresh flower bud is hard, smooth as well as elastic.

2. Corolla of the blossoming flower has a routine shape.

3. The flower needs to be undamaged, without signs of carried out flowers.

4. Flowers – without dark places or stripes.

5. The water, flowers are in, ought to scent fresh and clean.

6. The cut of the stem need to be light, moist, with no peripheral odors.

7. A flower must smell like a blossom, that is to have a fresh pleasant scent.

8. On the endurances of fresh flowers need to be no plant pollen.

9. Leaves at the base of the bud should not be completely dry, folded or swinging.

10. The fallen leaves on the flower stem need to be eco-friendly, without brown or yellow places – all signs of old age.

11. Flower buds ought to not be tighten by flexible (common for tulips) or wrapped with tape at the base of the flower (typical for chrysanthemums).

12. It is much better not to take a blossom with a bud near its head, due to the fact that the bud proactively draws water, leaving the flower without nourishment.

You need to not buy ready-made bouquets as well as baskets. It’s far better to invest a bit more time to pick each flower and also ask making a bouquet for you.

Likewise remember the opening phase of flowers and your use them. If you wish to appreciate them quickly, choose quite open ones. If you wish to appreciate your flowers over the longer time period, select ones simply starting to open up. For single blossoms such as carnations as well as roses, as an example, buds must only have one petal opened up. For such spike flowers as gladioli, choose with only the initial 2 or three blossoms spread out.

When getting flowers, also pay attention to the season they grow in nature, such blossoms are generally much more cheap as well as fresh. Some sort of blossoms are consistent and also stay fresh much longer, some are relatively conscious external conditions, but every one of them are attractive and have their charm. One of the most tender of them are, most likely, springtime ones, at the very same time they are the most wanted.

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