How to Take Care Complete Car Diesel Engines

The Key to Keeping Car Care Diesel Engine Performance

How to treat diesel engine cars in accordance special characters possessed very important to be in the know for their owners. Most people consider the type of car diesel underpowered, aklerasi not as fast as gasoline and some mechanics often have trouble doing tuning diesel engines to maximize Performance machine. But now manufacturers have made a breakthrough with a turbocharger or supercharger technology for consumer satisfaction.

Lock caring for diesel cars is a must diligently perform maintenance on the injectors, injection pump and the air filter must be replaced and cleaned. Because of these components has a distinctive character as combustion, and the combustion process occurs not by other devices Investasi indonesia or plugs as in a gasoline engine, but fuel is lit with high-temperature compressed by a piston which is docked.

Then diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber under high enough pressure through a nozzle to be mixed with hot air which is also high pressure. Thus the result of a mixture ignite and burn rapidly and to generate power to move the car.

Some of the above sentence is a working system by relying on the diesel engine fuel and wind bursts. Based on the character of the diesel engine possessed the necessary knowledge of how to maintain and improve diesel engine power, let’s here with we know more;

The proper way to care for diesel-engined cars

The proper way to care for diesel-engined cars

As to the way care for the first time is by heating car engine before in the wheel. But for some type of output, and the latest model is now no obligation, if the car you have is an older car, it is still required to be done. Heating the car should be no more than 5 minutes and had never Teknovanza post some time ago, then you can read here.

The second thing is the use of the best diesel car engine oil. Use engine oil according to the criteria of your diesel engine car, or specifically been recommended for the type of your diesel car. Throw away seduction car oil sales that offer you a cheap price though.

Type automobile diesel engines is to use diesel fuel, and you should Investasi Syariah  also give priority which has good quality without any mix. At this point you should be aware that diesel fuel you do not get more than the minimum that has been specified. One obvious reason is to avoid damage to the solar filter on your car.

The next stage is to change their treatment diesel filter periodically to maintain a performance machine as it has Teknovanza made above. In addition to the replacement of diesel filter regularly will minimize the dirt that is on the diesel car engine.

To this maybe you will find it difficult to do it. But there’s nothing wrong Teknovanza to say: Once you have finished the diesel car is in use, you should not immediately turn off. Due to shut off the engine immediately there is no time to do the diesel engine component cooling process well. This way restricts the use of the life of a diesel engine is shorter. Maybe you want to wait about 5 minutes before the machine was shut down, especially after use for long trips

This last point often we ignore, namely the use of spare parts or auto parts that have been recommended. Often we prefer the price of car parts cheaper than the original. But should such habits should we leave to avoid things that are not in want of the machine.

The above discussion are ways of treatment diesel-engined cars. Ok! just, to complement this post and without further ado now we go to review tips on how to improve also maintain the performance / power diesel engines.

How to increase the power of the diesel engine

How to increase the power of the diesel engine

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