Impact of Volcanic Eruption For Humans

Volcanoes or also called the Mountain of Fire is a term that refers to condition where there is a fluid channel through which the hot material either in liquid or lava. The fluid channels appear on the surface of the earth is only just covered by soil were pursed and we know the name of the mountain. Basically, a volcano located almost in all corners of the world regions.

It’s just that there are some countries that are known to be rich volcanic mountains because the area traversed by Sirkum and Mediterranean Mountains. One such country is Indonesia. Every year there are only volcano in our country that reported an increase in activity. However, people have always known and looked like volcanic eruptions as one inseparable part of their lives. The only way to survive is to adapt.

Facts of what causes earthquakes¬†–¬†Further, volcanic eruptions should be recognized not only bring negative impact only for the life of the surrounding community. There is also the positive impact that makes people chose to remain in the settlements around the volcano. Any negative impacts and positive impacts of volcanic eruptions, the following descriptions.

Negative Impactvolcano erupts it will bring material that is harmful to the organism in its path, therefore vigilance is absolutely necessary. Here are the negative things that can happen when the mountain erupted:

  1. The pollution of the air by the volcano ash containing various gases from sulfur dioxide or SO2, hydrogen sulfide or H2S gas, No2 or Nitrogen Dioxide as well as some potentially toxic dust partike living things around.
  2. With the eruption of a volcano can be sure all of the activities of residents in the surrounding area will lumph including economic activity.
  3. All the points are traversed by hazardous materials such as lava and hot volcanic ash would damage the residential area.
  4. Hot lava will also make the forest around the mountain on fire damaged and this means that natural ecosystems are threatened forests.
  5. Material ejected by the volcano has the potential to cause a number of illnesses for example respiratory infection.
  6. The village is a point would travel to stagnate in the presence of a volcanic eruption. Call it Rnjani Mountains and Mount Merapi, the mountain is in a normal condition is one of the best tourist destinations for those travelers nature lovers.

Positive Impact of Volcanic Eruption

In addition to the negative impact, if examined, volcanic eruptions also actually bring a blessing though only for people that are around. Anything? Here’s the description:

  1. Lands affected by the volcano bulkanis result is very good for agriculture because the soil becomes more fertile in Ash Grove and could produce much higher quality crops. Of course, for residents of the surrounding mountains are the majority of farmers, it is very profitable.
  2. There is a new livelihood for the people around the volcano has erupted, what is it? The answer sand miners. Volcanic material in the form of sand would have economic value.
  3. In addition, there are also rocks ejected by the volcano when meltus. The rocks can be used as building of residents around the mountain.
  4. Although the damaged forest ecosystems, but in some time, will grow more trees forming a new forest ecosystems is also new.
  5. After a volcanic eruption, usually there are geysers or hot springs in the earth that came out with periodic or periodically. Geyser is reportedly good for skin health.
  6. Appears springs named makdani the type of springs with mineral content is very abundant.
  7. In volcanic regions, potential orographic rain. This rain potentially occur because the mountain is best rain.
  8. In the common areas of volcanic eruptions, very well set up a power plant.

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