IPhone 7: first real photo of the next Apple smartphone on the run?

The design of the iPhone 7 is precise via leaks and rumors. A new snapshot appeared on the internet. It could well be the first real photo of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is at the center of all the leaks and rumors. Each week its lot of information more or less true. And more or less contradictory. The iPhone 7 arouses an unprecedented expectation. And this although it should not bring big innovations. Anyway, a new photo of Apple’s smartphone just fled. It could be the first to represent the iPhone 7 as it really would be. IPhone 7: a real answer to rumors? As often, this photo of the iPhone 7 comes from Weibo. The Chinese social network is known to be the relay of many leaks. In particular concerning the future smartphones. The users of Weibo still struck with this cliché of the iPhone 7.

The successor of the iPhone 6S would resemble him very much. With a few details. The antenna bands have been banned from the back of the iPhone 7. They border the top and bottom edges. For its part, the single camera is more imposing than that of the iPhone 6S. It also emerges from the shell by forming a slight protuberance. This is likely to cause discontent among some consumers. By taking the main leaks and rumors, this photo makes sure to be as close as possible to the iPhone 7. iPhone 7: a photo to take seriously? At just three and a half months of Apple’s keynote, many contradictory rumors circulate. However, some leaks would be more serious than others. This would be the case with this photo of the iPhone 7. Even if it was a montage, this shot would take again the main rumors. It also recalls previous patterns and rendered appearing on the internet recently.

This cliché would be very close to the next smartphone of Apple. This image would also validate a rendering of Catcher Technology appeared earlier in the year. It would take back elements from the aforementioned rendering provided by the Apple shell manufacturer. In this this new photo of the iPhone 7 would be to take more free iphone 7 http://freeiphone7plusgiveaway.win. But in any case, Apple will have the last word at its keynote of September 2016.

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