IPhone 7 matte black: users complain about scratches!

It is clear that the iPhone 7 matte black is among the Apple iPhone the most attractive in terms of look but lately, the model in question does not have easy life. Indeed, it seems that many users have recently complained that their black matte iPhone 7s with their anodized coatings were not as resistant as that. These users maintain that the paint is unhooked for no particular reason and what saddens them is that their recent model looks little by little to an old mobile device, poorly maintained. Indeed, this is ugly because when this beautiful paint crumbles, the metallic gray of the aluminum case begins to redo its appearance and it is more than blatant.

It should be known that this problem is very recent since black mate iPhone giveaway users have only started talking about this aesthetic problem since last November. We might think that this paint stall is due to a use of a protective shell not suitable but many users say that their matte black iPhone 7 has never been placed inside a protective case.

For now, Apple only said that this was simply related to the normal wear and tear of any mobile device. However, we are not sure that its customers hear it.

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