Know the Benefits and Dangers of Durian for Health


Durian is one type of fruit that is a favorite among the community, because in addition to the savory smell, the taste is very delicious durian fruit. In this modern era, even durian fruit is processed into a wide variety of delicious foods. Such as durian cake, durian soup, etc. But you know bahwadibalik taste delicious durian contains many benefits and dangers?

Well in this article I will explain the benefits and bahay durian. Here are some benefits of durian:


Durian Fruit Benefits

Overcoming Constipation
Durian fruit can be good for digestion, so that the fruit can overcome constipation that one feels. High fiber content in the fruit flesh fruit durian is the reason this is important is eaten by suffering from digestive problems.

Good for Skin Health
The content of vitamin C in fruit durian make thorn-skinned fruit is great in preventing aging and wrinkling of the skin. Vitamins in durian act as good anti-oxidants that keep skin cell damage.

Stability regulate blood
Mengstabilkan durian fruit can be blood, this dkikarenakan in this fruit contains manganese. However, still not good when consumed in large quantities.

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