Look Back, The Make-Up Perfect After A Weekend At The Beach

Look Back, The Make-Up Perfect After A Weekend At The Beach

Look back here make up after a weekend spent at sea! If you are tanned, but not enough to go out without make-up, you can choose a makeup that brings out and enhances your complexion tanned. Space, therefore, compact foundations, land, gloss and lighting, bronze make-up for a natural-summer!

If you have spent the weekend at the beach and your face has acquired a tanned complexion, to enhance and prolong the effect of the sun on your face, you can opt for a natural make-up bronze. In fact, once they return from the beach, make up just right is what evokes the effect of sunlight on your skin!

For face makeup, choose a foundation slightly darker tone than what you normally use. To not make the trick, you can choose one compact, a BB cream light, flash powder or ground to enhance the tan. The illuminating bronzer, are perfect in the summer and are often embellished with gold microbeads: These products can be applied on the cheekbones and on the face to illuminate and sculpt the complexion, but are ideal to be applied also on the shoulders and cleavage!

Another product for the inevitable look back from the beach, is the illuminating face, important to give a touch more light and create points of light on the face: you can tap it just below the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, in ‘ area under the eyes and on the eyelid fixed.

For eye makeup, however, it required only a little ‘of mascara, but if you also want eye shadow, you can choose warm colors and sun, like the beige, gold or bronze. Finally, to complete the make up, opt for a lip makeup natural and light, such as a bare pearly gloss, orange or coral!

Browse the photo gallery to see the products must have to show off make-up perfect after a weekend at the beach! It has very few side effects in terms of “aesthetic”, but in some cases, although very rare, scars may be visible. In addition, during the operation some nerves that make it particularly sensitive eye may be damaged. However simple, and for many routine, it’s still surgery, so before you decide whether or not to submit to “retouch” would be appropriate to consider all the alternatives necessary.

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