Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android Methods

magic rush heroes hack android

Magic Rush: Heroes was released in 2015 for iOS and Android devices. Since then this game Elex has received numerous updates that it gradually change the nature. The reference version here, in particular, is the


It is difficult to classify the “gender” belongs Magic Rush: Heroes. The video game is in fact moves on a series of different models , depending on the part of the game in progress, that it is not always accustomed to seeing side by side. Basic is a title with components to some degree of their “ruolistico” field: you drive a team of heroes who face monsters, level up and improve their skills. The heroes are over fifty, among those who can be released in various ways, but only five of them are present simultaneously in the field. From the beginning they also have missions of character “tower defense”, in which each deployable fighter takes on the role of a ‘tower’, attacking in different ways the passing enemies with their own powers. And again, each player has a city which is protected by its own teams of warriors, and this city is part of a vast world full of wild monsters, mines and other players. Here you can solder alliances and attack the cities of rivals, to weaken them and steal their resources, which will then be used for the improvement of their city, leading to the bonus heroes statistics. In the latter case the proximity is more to the various titles by Travian in Clash of Clans propose wars between villages.


Magic Rush Heroes hack android is a title free to play. Those who wish can play without spending anything. You can even to some extent escape the onslaught of the strongest players, thanks to protective shields and relocation of the city. But this leads to a non-competitive approach, defensive and not always rewarding. You can avoid becoming part of an alliance rather than strong, showing active participation in the day’s events, which does not involve a monetary but spending time, however, something to keep in mind. Also playing to the best of its ability, however, they will remain in each of the ‘top player’ unreachable servers , which invest considerable sums (from hundreds to thousands of euro per month, or the equivalent in other currencies), resulting in a long series and varied advantages: faster gain of runes and equipment, which rose faster than the level, the greater the possibility of attack and defense, and more. This leads to much more powerful heroes, and sometimes even unique. Except for a few exceptions (the heroes Gerber and Thanos, obtainable playing secondary mode), the legendary heroes are almost always obtainable only through considerable expense, and the same level as some of these fighters may radically unbalance a clash.


Some elements, fortunately, balancing the need for spending . First diamonds (Currency “premium” of the game) are also available free of charge in several cases, and their savings wisely can lead to a massive investment in a single moment, perhaps for a legendary hero especially interesting. Secondly, the construction of a team with an excellent synergy, perhaps with a so-called ‘ silver bullet ‘ (something that works well in a particular context, such as counter for a certain other type of hero), it can still give excellent results even against legendary team, if the gap is not too big (against some real ” big spenders “). Finally the continuous updates, in addition to always introduce new heroes with more or less specific functions, they tend to rebalance some of the existing heroes, reporting times to some outside oblivion. You still need good management of its resources, because it is almost impossible to effectively develop too many heroes simultaneously , so it is better to choose immediately focus on what team.


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