Make Sand Slime by Yourself

Make Slime Sand by Yourself

Anyone who has already got so-called magic wand between the fingers, understands certainly the great fascination, which especially for kids and teens assumes. Even some adults have already succumbed to the play with the magical colorful mass. The following guide shows an absolutely simple and, above all, really working method to make normal sand as kinetic with magic!

Enchanting – kinetic: fluffy and malleable as wet – only dry

Before you start to create your own kinetic magic wand according to the instructions, it is recommended to touch the original once. This is the only way to know which incomparable consistency your personal duplicate must accept. Basically, the secret behind this is the following: the mass behaves like a wet beach or sand box sand, with which so many great pieces of art are possible. But, kinetic – which literally means “motion-based” – the whole thing is similar because only the optical and mobile properties are similar, while the magic spell itself remains completely dry, does not stick at all to the hands and again and again like magic to a dough-like quantity. Between the fingers, the kinetic trimmed sand masses feel fluffy and the mostly squeaky colors also make the eye happy.

Kinetic sand with only 5 ingredients

You need:

¼ tsp any liquid detergent
1 tsp glue without solvent
shaving cream
Food color of your choice
2- 3 cups of fine sand
Bowl or similar container for stirring

Which types of sand are suitable:

First and foremost, the starting sand used should be as fine as possible – the finer the better the result. Commercial decosand works wonderfully. If you want to produce larger quantities – for a whole indoor sandbox, for example, you better access quartz sand from the hardware store. How to make slime.  This is as fine, only significantly more favorable. Animal lovers can also possibly use chinchilla or bird sanding already in the household. The latter, however, should necessarily be screened beforehand, since it usually also contains coarser calcareous elements, which are helpful for birds, but not for spells.

Difficulty: very easy
Time required: 10 to 15 minutes
Cost point: for the amount proposed in the guide a maximum of 5 euros
Instructions – Step by Step

Step 1: First place 1 tsp of your glue in the bowl.

Step 2: Slowly add the liquid detergent.

Step 3: Now stir the compound until a slimy mass is formed.

Step 4: To get rid of this mucus, add some shaving cream.

Step 5: Just as carefully, add the sand. Pour the mixture over and over again with a few layers of the sand and mix it well until you have something to add.

Step 6: Add small amounts of your sand again and again until you feel the consistency, or in other words, until the unique feel of spells is reached.

Step 7: Lastly, color comes into play. To avoid disturbing the structure of the perfect consistency, add the food color to the end.

Step 8: Choose one of the basic colors or mix them creatively to taste and color. Thus, green and blue give a fresh turquoise, while red and blue become purple. Start with a few drops for delicate pastel tones and increase the dose for a more powerful result.

Step 9: Fill the Kinetically Enchanted Sand into a lockable container to protect it from dirt, so you can enjoy it for a long time and can use it again and again.

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