Make Slime Remedies – Fast And Easy Recipes For Heather Pass

Slime Remedies – Fast And Easy Recipes For Heather Pass

Children love to play with slippery, viscid slime, to dig the little fingers in glibber and even to mutter slime with slime. How would it be if you made your own slime at home? Children can also take part in it and have fun. In this article, we offer you various recipes for the production of playing mats, among which you will surely find the most suitable for you and your newcomers.

Playing with slime is a lot of fun for the kids and this unique toy is perfect for various kindergarten and school projects. At child’s birthday party, he is also very well received. Even if you do not know how to entertain your loved ones on a rainy day, slime itself is an excellent basement idea.

The first method for the production of glue without glue is presented by this recipe, using foodstuffs. The simple recipe contains the following ingredients:

350 ml of water
2 cups of food
3-4 drops of food color (alternatively: powdered tempering paint)

First, pour the water into a small cooking pot and heat it. The water must not become too hot, because you must finally mix the slime with your hand. Fill 250 ml of the heated water into a bowl and add the desired food color. Stir well all with a spoon. If the color of the liquid is too dark to you, do not worry, the slime will be slightly brighter. Put the foodstuffs in another large shots and add the already colored water to the foodstuff. Stir everything carefully with your fingers to dissolve the foodstuffs and create a thick and smooth paste. If the mixture is too thin, add more food.

If the mass is still too thick, you can use the remaining warm water to dilute. The glibber slime is ready as soon as the mass has the proper slimy consistency and you can easily put your fingers into the slime. When touching the slime, their hands should remain dry. For storage you can put the slime into a freezer bag and seal well. If you want to make the homemade slime even more attractive for children, you can add various small objects, such as plastic figurines or small animals to slime. Tiny plastic spider, let the glibber turn slime into a great accessory for Halloween.

If you want to make a monster slime with your children, you can also use detergents and glues as ingredients:

Children’s craft glue without solvent, water-based
Good & Cheap Activ Full Wash
Food coloring

Place the desired amount of craft glue in a bowl and add a few drops of the liquid detergent. Stir everything with a spoon until a firm mass is obtained and no more threads are drawn. should the glibber slime be too sticky, you can add a few drops of detergent and continue kneading. In the beginning, the mass is still quite sticky, but will be particularly nice if you roll the Slimy well and roll to a ball. A plastic can is ideal for storage.

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