Malang outbound Songgoriti

It is no secret that rock city with many attractions they are waiting for you. Stone varied attractions, such as natural and man-made trips. Semasing this tourist object Stone also has the most special features and benefits. stone tourist spot, due to the natural resources, abundant hot and cold, separately, as well as the strategic position of the city where the provincial road.


tourism in the rock, one Tirta Songgoriti tourist boom. Based on its name, this tour is a trip, water (Tirta Javanese word that means water). This tour offer extensive hot water sulfur or sulfur. This place is a game room with some great ride so interesting for children, but there are also green open session in the outbound Malan. Songgoriti as the position is often used for outgoing calls. Songgoriti outbound in Malang therefore fitting for a hobby or a child’s learning and classroom out to the adults.

Some participants will experience the feeling, of the lush gardens and the weather was so good neighborhood. as well as the appropriate equipment at the same joy of the game program, we will be there in your outbound activities.

After starting the activity was over, the agency Songgoriti participants can relax in the hot water. Songgoriti offer once in the production of hot water showers, open source environment, and a hot tub. Swimming pool with cold water, participants may arise, as well as the body and give freshness splashing in the pool. You can also use the rides and rowing boats. Outside the pool, there is a store that you can negotiate selling a variety of typical stone jewelry and souvenirs in the price.



Songgoriti trip is also next to the hotel and villas. Many output villa for rent in several species. Also Songgoriti near the station and a restaurant next to the pump “Waroeng Ships”. Menu “Waroeng Ship” is the traditional menu there is also a modern menu. Not only that, at Waroeng boat is also available for your family villa rest dasn stay when vacationing to this resort town of Batu.

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