Mascots Are An Effective Way To Get People Interested

To promote something, mascots are an effective way to get people interested in a product or a campaign. Of the many mascots in the world, it turns out this mascot of choice is more adorable. In addition, this mascot also has an interesting history.

Want to know anything? Here’s a list of cutely adorable mascots that you can also give to your beloved boyfriend a Kostum Badut.


1. Hello Kitty

Who does not know Hello Kitty? This cute and funny character of Sanrio’s output is one of the most beloved and loved girls in the world. And it turns out Hello Kitty is not a cat you know.

Ya, the red-ribboned character in his ear is clarified that he is not a cat, but a 3rd grader named Kitty White. This figure is described as a daughter of English origin. Hello Kitty is also depicted as having a twin sister named Mimmy White with a yellow ribbon in the ear that distinguishes the two of them.

2. Gudetama

Brothers with Hello Kitty, Gudetama also made from Sanrio. Gudetama character is described as a very lazy yellow and shrill voice. Gudetama own name derived from the word “Gude Gude” which from the Japanese means people who do not have energy. And the word “Tama” from “Tamago” which means egg.

Gudetama is one of the three great Food Character Election performed by Sario. So adorable Gudetama, he has his own short animations on YouTube Sanrio lot!

3. Domo-Kun

Domo-Kun is one of the mascots of a TV station called NHK World. Domo-Kun is drawn as a very adorable brown box monster. Domo-Kun always appears in the manga (comic) and animation by eating his favorite food is Nikujaga.

Domo communicates with a language that only his friends can understand. Domo comic writer Clint Bickham says Domo’s expression is a happy and enthusiastic expression, like the children who get the prize.

4. Kumamon

You must always see Kumamon videos on your social media. Yak, Kumamon is one of the most famous mascots and has a very funny behavior. Kumamon is the mascot that symbolizes the prefecture of Kumamoto in Japan.

The black bear was made to attract tourists to tourist in Kumamoto. Because of his strange and stubborn behavior, Kumamon became the famous mascot in Japan as well as in several countries.


5. Hachune Miku

Are you familiar with Vocaloid? Hachune Miku is a mini character similar to Hatsune Miku, one of the most famous Vocaloid characters. Hachune Miku was made by Otomania and Tamago who had been just a fanmade following Hatsune Miku. But because many love the Hachune character’s cute design, Hachune becomes his own character and becomes the Kostum Badut of the Vocaloid itself.

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