Milano Kostum Badut Expo With Children: 12 Things To Do And To Know

Where to go, what to see, what to do, where to eat, where to change small children. Some initiatives to May 12, 2015, are not yet active. We will keep you updated

1 Laboratories of the Children Park

Within the Children Park, expected to start three major laboratories dedicated to the theme of water, saving energy and recycling. They are experiential laboratories, managed by specialized educators, suitable for school-age children. For now are active ones Medialab.

2 Pavilion Zero

Immediately at the entrance to West, there is this introductory pavilion on the Expo theme with kostum badut is very suitable for children. Here have been reproduced on scale one to one and thus very realistic, animals of many of the countries participating in Expo: it’s like a ‘virtual’ zoo where children can observe and learn about the characteristics of the fauna of different continents. Also suitable for small children.

3 Garden Children – NOT IN OPERATION

He realized, always within the Children Park, Fiera di Bologna. Here, even the little ones from 4 years, “Adventures in the garden” with the possibility of sowing and planting with small holes.

4 Future food district

This appeal above all to kindergartners: it created a ‘futuristic’ supermarket where the mini-customer (aged 3 years and over) can choose what to buy for their spending clicking touchscreen the products they want. A robot interacts with children and explains to them the importance of a balanced diet. It is close to the Entrance South.

5 Pavilion Italy

And ‘our pavilion, the one not to be missed. With children, you can see the Tree of Life that has been set before, and that will light up in spectacular fashion. It is located at the intersection of the Cardo and Decumanus, near Lake Arena (another nice spot for a break with the kids).

6 roundabouts and jukeboxes

Games and music in the Italian Pavilion: for toddlers has been realized the carousel “Feeding the planet” (go up on fruits and vegetables) and the jukebox wish, in which children can leave writing or drawing their thinking about food.

7 Slow Food for kids

Slow Food organizes educational activities to teach children of school age the theme of biodiversity: they are free guided tours of biodiversity in the square, close to the East (info: times not yet been defined ).

8 Playgrounds in foreign pavilions

Almost all participating countries have within their pavilions also of educational activities for the little ones. Not everyone has yet announced a detailed program but we can mention just a few quite original: in the Switzerland Pavilion there will be a “kids corner” with treasure hunts for children while in Hall Austria’s famous museums of Vienna Children has brought to Expo installations and bubbles inflatables to play with the air. A real amusement park in the huge Pavilion Qatar with a “creative play kids’ area, with traditional and digital games of the last generation.

9 Cluster of cocoa and chocolate

What are clusters? Are areas in which various countries are altogether because susceptible to the same theme. Not to be missed with the children of cocoa and chocolate cluster (on the left, along with the Decumanus, after entering the door West): Here there will be greedy “Chocolate Factory” to taste delicacies of every kind and explain to the children how you create the chocolate. There is also a choco lab: chocolate sculptures and manipulations for the little ones.

10 Adventures in the desert – NOT IN OPERATION

Moving in the Arena Lake area there are some clusters suitable for older children. Here we are in fact clusters of arid areas with the recreation of real desert landscapes. A pirogue Mali, the Bedouin tents, wells to draw water, and even camels in Mauritania to stand on.

11 Adventures in the sea – NOT IN OPERATION

Next to the cluster of arid areas, a small cluster dedicated to the islands. Here children can learn through simulations to learn the technique of fishing that is Maldivians in their islands, to protect the corals and fish only need fish.

12 UN and Save the Children

We begin by the UN, which has included in the Expo a series of installations scattered throughout the exhibition site (to be reported in the Pavilion Zero dedicated to the discoveries of Leonardo). The EU as a pavilion projecting “The story of Alex and Sylvia”, a project to encourage children to reflect on the unit and on welcoming European. Of note, for the size and impact, the project of Save the Children: the NGO has its own pavilion at the left of the Decumano, right after the Expo Centre entrance, and confirms its humanitarian vocation by presenting children a village where meet.

This exceptional expo is also livened by a wide range of kostum badut supplied by indomascot.

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