Million Benefits Broccoli

Broccoli, fresh green vegetables is very liked by children because it tastes sweet and ‘crisp’.

Processing is also arguably easier. Just then serve with boiled potatoes boiled. Voila … Be healthy snacks for children. Moreover, the benefits are many, you know, namely:

• High Calcium
The content of calcium in 1 cup of boiled broccoli is almost equivalent to the calcium in a glass of milk. In addition to calcium, broccoli is also rich in vitamin C. In fact, vitamin C in broccoli higher than the amount of vitamin C in citrus fruits.

Intake of vitamin C that fits in number, namely 90 mg per day, for the body and helps the body more easily absorb iron.

• Prevent constipation
Providing regular broccoli in a child’s daily diet can help facilitate pup children because it contains high fiber. Broccoli also make children avoid indigestion.

• Sports appropriately
Before processing, the broccoli must be cleaned first by means rinsed with water, and not soaked. Why? Soak broccoli could reduce the nutrient content in it.

• How to store broccoli
For durability, save it by entering the broccoli in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. Do not wash the broccoli if it will save them because the water content in it will make broccoli quickly wither

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