Moviestarplanet – The Best Tips and Guides


“Moviestarplanet” is a popular Browsergame for children, young people and the young at heart. The best tips we have summarized in this praxistipp.

Moviestarplanet tip: Collect StarCoins

StarCoins is the currency of the game Moviestarplanet and therefore very significant. The following promotions will save you money! To the credit calculator:

  • Watch as many short films as possible, rate the films of others, or even shoot a small movie.
  • Stroke numerous pets by visiting your friends or other pet owners. It is also worth to visit the pet chatroom and pet the pets there. Liken your pets to your friends.
  • Create your own look and hope that you like other players and buy the look. To win additional StarCoins.
  • Play the games in the chat rooms. This is especially the quiz, but also other games help you make quick money.
  • It is worth to turn the wheel every day. As a VIP, you have even better chances, as you can spin the same time.
  • Invite a lot of friends and help them reach level three. Then there is a StarCoin bonus for you.
  • Draw old items and ask for your short films. This will give you extra money.
  • Participate in regular competitions. With some luck, visit there are StarCoins for you.

Get Fame in the Browsergame

Besides the StarCoins, Fame is also important for the game. How to reach this status can be found here:

  • Ask your friends for autograms and ask each other which ones.
  • Spread your films and ask friends to watch them. In return, you could watch your friends’ movies.
  • Participation in competitions also brings you Fame in this case.
  • With a VIP status, you automatically get more fame.
  • Ask friends to liken your space, because your status will increase as well.
  • When you play games, you can reach additional fame.
  • Watch and rate movies of friends.

Insider tip: Help each other

At Moviestarplanet nothing works without mutual help. It is best to do your friends a favor and vice versa. This is how much you can reach Fame as well as countless StarCoins.

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