Myriad Health Benefits of Onions

Besides known as a food flavor enhancer ingredients, onions also have benefits for the health of the body. So what are these benefits? Check out his review as quoted Boldsky page.

Lower fever

Efficacy onion, it can be used for those who want to reduce fever. Enough chopped onion, mix with collision potatoes and garlic, and then rubbed on the foot. The content of the mixture of the three materials can reduce fever and make the body warmer.

Overcome eye irritation

Red onion, very very avoidable, because the effect that can make eyes sore and burning. But apparently, that’s a useful thing to overcome eye irritation. Onion, contact affected indirectly in the eye, can make production more tears that make the eyes clean and avoid irritation.

Cure cough

Bothered by coughing attacks that interfere? Try to create a mixture of onion juice with honey. The content of onion could be antibiotics mengursir germs and bacteria in the throat, while honey can make throat more comfortable.

Treat cuts

Benefits of red onion that may not have been known by many people, is the ability to heal burns, or cuts. Simply apply to the red onion slices and slice burns, which can heal wounds and prevent infection. In addition to injuries, red onion also efficacious wound healing insect stings.

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