Natalie Portman Must Now Wage Gap Hollywood Artist

Academy Award-winning actress, Natalie Portman, the wage gap among the complaining players because Hollywood movies more favors to actors compared to actresses, so it sparked waves of protest against the discrimination in the film industry.

“Compared to men, women’s wages in many professions achieve 80 cents to one dollar,” said Portman to Marie Claire magazine.

Portman admitted receiving wages three times lower than the actor Ashton Kutcher co-star in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached in 2011.

“In the meantime, women in Hollywood producing 30 cents to one dollar,” said the actress who started her career also directed it.

35-year-old star that won the Oscar for best actress category 2011 thanks to her role in the movie “Black Swan”. He has also portrayed Jackie Kennedy in the film about the former first lady of the United States (u.s.) to accompany President John F Kennedy.

Therefore, Portman argued that wage differences between the actress and actor in Hollywood enough “crazy”.

The World Economic Forum (WEF World Economic Forum/), a non-profit foundation, projecting wage differences based on sex workers worldwide will continue to take up to 170 years.

The average difference in wages are accepted antarburuh worldwide reach 59 percent by 2016, according to the WEF report published October 2016.

The difference in the salaries of principals in the Hollywood industry started getting a lot of attention in 2015 when the document property of Sony Pictures that showed a difference of compromised pay the interstellar high enough above board.

The document noted, U.S. actress Jennifer Lawrence paid less than his opposite Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, in the comedy film American Hustle in 2013.

Electronic mail Sony Pictures who compromised it also show, Bale and Cooper receive nine percent of the total profit of the film, while Lawrence is only seven percent.

Lawrence professes to upset against himself after learning of the existence of the wage gap among Hollywood players. Because, he failed to become a negotiator against his wages.

Other movie star Sandra Bullock and Jessica Chastain also experienced discrimination wages.

Awards season in 2017 was begun last week with event dinner Golden Globes in Beverly Hills.

Dinner that night was a welcome event for the gift of the Academy Awards on March 31, 2017.

Actress Meryl Streep that was addressed when the show commenting on the election of Donald Trump as the US President also direct fishing public attention because it criticized the attitude of Trump told reporters that is considered quite superfluous, because a comment on physical condition.

Streep then invites people to take sides in the U.S. art press, he undertook to develop a distinctive American culture.

Last year’s Academy Awards ever got criticized for giving the award to a movie star all white. The actor became pre-eminent, such as Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee, boycotted the event.

The criticism forwarded to social media Twitter via #OscarSoWhite which also triggers the tagar public attention.

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