Natural powerful drug for men, potent abis!

Do you complain of ‘weapon’ you are less strong when having sex with the wife? This article may be read by a man who is desperate about it.

Most people will lead to a quick solution, such as drinking herbal medicine, massage, or taking strong drugs that sometimes have dangerous side effects. Well, this time will give you surefire tips to make their own tonic for men that will make your erection longer and stronger!

First you have to know first the cause why you can not get an erection longer in bed. Usually without realizing that the name of men experience erectile dysfunction, or can be caused by poor blood flow, diabetes, lack of stamina, and so forth.

So how to get an erection longer in bed during sex?

According Boldsky (11/11), you only need to prepare natural ingredients such as:

Almond milk 1 cup
Egg yolks 2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon honey
Combine above ingredients and consumption continues every day. This natural remedy will make your erection longer with proving effective. Especially if balanced with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Especially for the smoker, you should stop your smoking habit because it will help make your erection longer. Of course, his wife would also be very excited to see the performance ‘weapon’ you dashing like Rambo.


A powerful drug that natural is the perfect mix to increase testosterone production in your body. In addition, blood flow to the vital equipment will also be more smoothly so that will help make your sex life is getting much better.

Hopefully useful and good luck!

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