NBA LIVE Mobile available free of charge for Android and iOS


Today all the attention of the mobile games industry is pointed at GO Pokémon , but EA Sports, quiet as a mouse, in the last hours has released NBA LIVE Mobile , the new game dedicated to the sport of basketball as well as the latest FIFA, should become the reference game for future seasons of basketball through periodic updates also related to the graphics.

In NBA LIVE Mobile you can create your own team and take the field with live events 365 days a year . We will of course manage the team enhancing our roster with players of the present and the past . The mechanics are similar to Ultimate Team FIFA : we will find the players in the form of figurines, which will also be sold at the Auction House.

DRIVING YOUR TEAM – Take up your team, upgrade the roster, then rain down baskets and the charts. Turn your favorite franchise in a team of champions with NBA superstar of the past and present. Open the packages, he attended the auction house and become the team to beat.

STAY UPDATED WITH LIVE EVENTS – Live the ultimate basketball and become the best all-time NBA to stay connected throughout the year with new daily challenges. Get incredible prizes by playing against real life and challenge friends and opponents in Seasons or head to head. Take on the parquet in the Live Event to become a teacher of basketball every day, at any time.

DOMINA THE GAMENBA LIVE Mobile Hack is the next generation of games for mobile devices. Launched to the basket or put the three points from the distance. Try recoveries and bags free throws like there was no tomorrow. Work hard in fast-quarters of two minutes to wipe out most rivals as quickly as possible. Vinci packages and coins playing and unlock special abilities to bring your team to excellence level.

The download of NBA LIVE Mobile is free for both Android and for iOS . They are obviously present in-app purchase option to buy extra credit to spend on buying new players sachets. A follow badge for download and screenshots of the game. We can do is wish you good fun!

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