Neglect those epic riffs, Christina Aguilera is currently hawking Oreos in Indonesia

christina aguileraEver before questioned just what it would resemble to enjoy Christina Aguilera bike ride throughout a tightrope, after that levitate in the name of Oreo soaking? Well, you are in good luck!

No, this isn’t really a parody of Aguilera’s Hurt video, it’s the real world. In a brand-new Indonesian ad for Oreo (initial rumored back in October), the five-time Grammy champion is seen voicelessly doing just that. (Ringling Brothers that?).

Correct, Oreo employed one the best vocalists of all time as well as did not even allow her speak.

A Christina Aguilera stan account, @xtinaNOW, cast some color on their cherished with a modified variation of the clip, including her long-rumored 8th workshop cd (reported to be labelled Golden-haired) in place of the cookie and also a reusing bin instead of the milk.

It’s a well aimed review. This is the lengthiest duration yet in between Aguilera albums (her last cd, Lotus, was launched in 2012). Aguilera had actually previously assured the album would be launched “by the end of [2016]” That didn’t happen. Nor, as 2017 pushes on, has even more info been gleaned.

For fans craving Aguilera’s emotional four-octave array, are afraid not.

On Jan. 12, during ABC’s Taking The Stage: African American Songs as well as Stories That Changed America unique, Aguilera took the stage to belt out a riff-laden cover of Ethel Seas’ classic, “Thundercloud.”.

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