Newest Canon printer Can Print photos from Instagram

The development of digital technology and social media to push smartphone users more upload photos to the internet. Canon trying to create opportunities of this trend with the release of the printer Pixma TS8070 product which was able to print directly from your account social media, without the need of intermediaries such as computers.

Marketing Executive of Canon Consumer Systems Division of PT CMI Teknologi, as a distributor of Canon products in Indonesia, said that the Pixma TS8070 is intended for fans of photography and other users who give priority to the quality of the prints.

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The technology of print supported cartridge 6 ink colors, including gray, claimed could produce levels of gradations are more solid.

“Although this is now more photos stored on my hard drive or social media, the need to print still exists. Well, the Pixma TS8070 presents quality prints studio into the Office and home, “said Adrian when talking in a Canon Pixma TS8070 launch event in Bali.

Users can register their social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook in Pixma TS8070. The printer then can access the photos that are on that account via an internet connection and immediately print it. The process of navigation is done via touch screen-sized 4.3 inches.

Canon undertook to include a special photo paper (PP201) with square shape 5 x 5 inches to facilitate photo printing from Instagram which has the aspect ratio box. Users can choose to include the caption of the image in the print results or not.

In addition, the Pixma TS8070 can be used to print a document from cloud storage services are widely available, such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google, and Drive.

Android/iOS gadgets users can also connect the device to the printer over the Wi-Fi connection and the NFC to do printing from a mobile phone or tablet.

In Indonesia, the Canon Pixma TS8070 marketed for Rp 3.5 million with three color variants (physical printer), i.e. Black, red, and Brown. Black ink cartridge much appreciated Usd 195,000, while color cartridge valued Usd 175,000.

At the “hipster”

Assistant Manager Consumer Imaging and Information Group Canon Singapore, Irene Lau, recognizes the printer business impacted by digital and social media trends that cause consumers the more rarely print photos.

Therefore, he said it was trying to find ways to encourage the social media users to print photos. Irene exemplifies some Instagram photo sharing service user who is seen hooked raise the artistic photos and print them.

“We noticed people upload photos to social media, but cannot print it. But there is also a ‘ hipster ‘ who like to print, for example from instant cameras. Them this is what we accomplished, “said Irene

He added that the Canon over this attempt to conduct education to consumers so that print photos from social media, to make memories-memories in it can truly “timeless”, not only circulated in digital form.

In addition, further widened the plundering of Irene, Canon printer product focus, not just solely deals with the question of photo printing at home, but also make a versatile product for the home and small office like the Pixma TS8070.

Moreover, in the market occurred shift the trend of consumer preference from the printer can only print to the multifunction printer.

“This is a consequence of the digital age. Then, we expand the focus to meet the needs of consumers in print in the Office and home, “said Irene.

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