Opera Browser To Prepare The Future

The Middle Opera prepared a product browser (browser) new internet for desktop computers and laptops. Called the Neon, the browser is touted as future products by Opera.

“Browsers that we use now is derived from a Millennium ago, a time when the internet is still full of documents and pages,” said Krystian Kolondra, Head of the Opera Browser.

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“Through Opera Neon, we want to display our visions about the future of the internet,” he added.

By design, the Neon is indeed different from the existing browser. He did seem more emphasis in terms of design.

When the application is opened, the user would directly deal with computer wallpaper images at that time. In this way, the user seems to not leave the desktop at all.

On top of that, as wallpaper image KompasTekno auto summary of Mashable, Monday (16/1/2017), the user would see a variety of bubble as shortcuts to popular sites. Another bubble will replace tabs in General and placed on a vertical bar at the right of the screen.

In the left part of the screen, Opera also put various other shortcuts. The bar contains a video player, picture gallery, and download manager.
Neon itself is currently an experimental product of the Opera. The existence of these products also will not replace the existing Opera browser today.

Important features of the Opera browser, such as ad-blocker ad blocker and VPN, said will not be present in Neon.

Create A Facebook Status Update More Colorful

It seems Facebook is getting routine adds the latest features. This time, they added the latest features which are intended to add to the convenience of the user. In the last update, Facebook presents a feature that allows users to add color in status. This means, you can add the background before writing status.

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To use this feature, make sure your Facebook has been updated. Next, you can directly write the status along with the color that you want to add. There are several color options that can be used. But keep in mind, this new feature only works for a posting of text. So if you try to share a link or image, the background color will not appear.

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