Opinions Expo 2015 – Dating Tips

For several months I was desperately looking for an economic solution to visit the expo, I was aware that it was an ‘off chance, to have the Universal Exhibition in our country, but by living in southern Italy, in every way from the hotel, train tickets, I would have spent a fortune. I checked promotions and offers every day, until I found the new promotion of INPS (of which I have already spoken in expo Tickets Free), and so I got the ticket Tribute for the month of August, with this promotion is also entitled to a discount of 50% Trenitalia, but considering that is applied to the base rate, the price was not cheap, in fact, I eventually purchased the Italo tickets at a discount of 50%.

I took the first train Italo from Naples at 06:45 and at 11:39 we were at the Rho Fiera stop, there I had to submit the certificate to INPS Official Ticket expo (in the station) and so I was handed the Ticket input expo. Turnstiles closer to stop the high-speed input are those West Triulza, the files were not very long, but we lost a bit of time at the controls, just like at the airport had to leave bags and metal objects in the baskets, and move through the metal detector, so I recommend a pouch to store all the coins clocks so as to speed up the ‘expo entrance.

At about 24:00 we entered, there was a hot sun so I recommend bring a Capellino or umbrella, do not despair if you forget, some pavilions offer gadgets, including precisely a little cap. The expo did not appear overly crowded, no queue we immediately entered the Pavilion Zero, one pavilion must see that tells the path of man on the planet, how it has changed the natural landscape and consumption changes.

From here we continued our visit coming up at the opposite end of the hall, and as time passed the site became more and more crowded, the most important halls had huge files, so I recommend to visit them first.

The expo is definitely worth seeing, a chance of rebirth for our country not to be missed, of course, the input price is too high, € 39.00, but for those who live nearby, recommend buying the entrance evening, to 5.00 that allows revenue from 19:00 to 21:00, in order to split the visit in more nights and even take advantage of the evening temperatures “less aggressive.”

Within the site you can use the internal shuttle, you will see signs of the 10 stops, so I recommend you take the shuttle bus and reach the opposite point from which you came to do the reverse path, so at the end of the evening, you are right where you entered.

The restaurant prices are not absolutely excessive, even in the media, we took the beer in the pavilion of Belgium, paying 5 euro, while the mega portion of chips has cost 4 euro. For lunch we chose to eat at the Argentine Pavilion, paying a € 5 sandwich and cut with side dishes 13 Euro.

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