Outbound Package Malang

Malang outbound activity is one alternative in Batu travel. Dedicated to the review of Self Improvement. Operates Sales Manager, Education And Government Agencies Events scheduled activities as prayer One activities from their tour. It husband since. Someone Has Become outbound tourists, which receives Classes, And Recreation.



Outbound Malang How to cover the cost? Do not worry because there are no limits Adventure will provide outbound services at cheaper prices can be proved Malang. Yes cheaper, but it was not a Meaningful. Bakti Alam Adventure  So outbound service provider Malang, holding different professional Agencies And Client Of Different specialists.


Outbound We Also partial package, including:
1. Alpine Package Package. Adult packages that cater for a review of adult orangutans, WITH value of Rp 120,000 / person. Purpose Of Motivation member outbound packets, increase self-esteem, strengthen team cohesion BETWEEN well as maximizing the boarding costs.
2. Children package. Singer Packages For Children SPECIAL OR Students Current Period hearts Rp 85,000 / person. Once the package singer Pas as the formation and development facilities ASPECT coarse and fine motor skills.
3. Package Rafting. Singer packages using Brantas river rafting, 12 km road length, called the longest route in Malang, And When rafting 2-3 hours. Husband package will be used include cost Rp 165. 000 / person for a review of the working day (Monday-Friday) and Rp 180,000 / person to review the end of the week (Saturday-Sunday). Rafting adventure in No Limit led by nationally certified guides, to NOT Need anxious Andari Andari ABOUT Safety.
4. Package paintball. Husband package will be used include cost Rp 140. 000 / person. Some of the participants will organize and Security RECEIVE 50 cartridges. As well as lunch snacks are also hearts package Also including initials.
5. Discounts airsoft gun. In Period When Rp 120,000 / person, CAN feels like crossfire Army. Some participants will get games such as War games, shooting well as reactions, WITH Complete Equipment.

Well, NOT interesting that some packages on differences? Came As well as bringing Outboundga OR Fellow in No Limit Adventure Travel And Experience The Anda has NOT will NEVER forget.

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