Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Oily skin looks full of impurities, with open pores and a glow in the nose, forehead and chin that looks very unattractive. However, even hard to believe, oily skin has its advantages.

One of the advantages of oily skin is that it stays young longer. Oily skin retains elasticity and resists wrinkles for longer compared to normal skin.

Another advantage is that oily skin is more resistant to the harmful effects of the sun. And the best news is that oily skin is easier to treat than parched skin.

Then I leave several natural recipes to treat the oily complexion. If you notice that one of these recipes will dry your skin then use less often or try another.

Home Solutions for Oily Skin

Keep skin clean

Oily skin attracts dirt and bacteria easily, this is one of the reasons why people with this type of skin are more likely to have acne and blackheads. Natural beauty. To keep your skin clean you should wash your face twice a day with warm water and glycerin soap. After washing, give a final rinse with cold water to close the pores.
Orange juice to combat oily skin

Take the juice of two oranges every day. In two weeks you will notice your skin with less fat. In addition orange juice contains antioxidants and nutrients that benefit the health of the skin in general.
Extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed

Although it seems a contradiction, olive oil is very good for treating oily skin. Olive oil calms the sebaceous glands so that they produce less fat. You can put the olive oil after washing your face at night. You leave it all night and the next day you wash normally. My daughter has oily complexion and this remedy has served her a lot.
Astringent egg for oily skin

While toners are recommended for dry skin, astringents are excellent for treating oily skin. Beat an egg white to the point of snow and add a few drops of lemon. Apply on face and let dry. Wash with cold water. You can repeat it about twice a week.
Water of witch hazel (witch hazel, water wonder)

Witch hazel or water wonder is an excellent solution for oily skin as it acts astringent. Mix one part of witch hazel water with two parts of rose water. Apply with a cotton to remove grease from the face. You do not need to rinse.
Astringent sunflower for oily skin

Another very good astringent for oily skin is to add 1/2 cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of sunflower oil to 1/2 cup of hot water. Mix well and let cool. Cleanse your skin with this blend.
Tomato tonic

A tomato tonic is an easy and effective solution to treat oily skin. The tomato is naturally acidic so it helps to balance the pH of the skin and get rid of excess fat. Peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Crush and add 30 g of glycerin. Apply it on the skin the same day. See also Tomato mask for oily skin

Honey and lemon

Lemon is another natural astringent that can help control the production of fat. In a cup put the juice of two lemons and some honey. Apply the mixture at night over the area where you have problems with oily skin, let it act for 15 minutes and wash your face with warm water. Repeat twice a week.
Disposable wipes to remove grease

Many experts recommend disposable wipes sold at pharmacies to remove fat from the face. Personally I have not used them and I do not know if they work well or not, but here I leave the link where you can get on the Internet in case someone wants to try them.
Masks and Clays

The application of face masks and clays on the skin helps to extract the oil and to clean the pores. But, just like cleansers, masks can also dry out the skin. Dr. Rebecca Kazin, assistant professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute says “My advice is to only apply masks to problem areas. And use them only from time to time. ”
Choose facials without fat

When you buy products for your face they should be free of fats. Obviously the purpose of this advice is not to add more fat to the skin. Whether they are moisturizers, sun block or makeup choose those that have no added fats. When you go shopping for anti-acne treatments, choose water based instead of cream or ointment.

Strong bones can stimulate the skin to increase fat production. Also, wash your face gently with your hands, using a wipe can further stimulate fat secretion. “

Herbal and Home Dye to Cover Gray Hair

Like wrinkles, gray hairs are one of the signs of aging that most people try to avoid. Although it is inevitable that at some point we get white hair, we can use home remedies to delay the appearance of gray or cover them naturally when they just start to leave. See also Remedies to delay aging
Why does white hair grow up

Obviously the most common cause for hair to become white is age. It is said that gray hairs start to come out at age 45 but many people start out much earlier.

Some experts say that the age at which gray hair begins to appear is determined by maternal genes. So, to get an idea of ​​when they will start to come out to you, you can set yourself or ask your mother when you started dating her.

Other contributing factors are stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Home-made and natural dye to cover gray hair

Most people resort to commercial dyes to cover gray hairs. Natural beauty. Although this is the easiest and quickest method to darken your hair, you should take into account that artificial agents to dye your hair can often have side effects like hair loss.

Then I bring you an herbal remedy that we can do to delay the appearance of gray hairs. This homemade and natural dye can be used instead of commercial dyes when the existing hairs are not many.

It should be clarified that it should only be used in dark hair.

We will need the following ingredients:
– 8 cups preferably distilled water
– 1 cup of crushed black walnut shells
– 1/2 cup nettle
– 1/2 cup of rosemary
– 1/2 cup of sage
– 2 bags of black tea but it is taken out of the bag
– 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
– 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

It should be clarified that the more porous the hair, the faster penetrate this rinse. Thick hair is more resistant to this remedy so it will be harder to darken. This rinse is not for people who already have more than 50% of the hair with gray

Herbal and home dye to cover gray hair

Like wrinkles, gray hairs are one of the signs of aging that most people try to avoid. Although it is inevitable that at some point we get white hair, we can use home remedies to delay the appearance of gray or cover them naturally when they just start to leave. See also Remedies to delay aging
Why does white hair grow up?

Obviously the most common cause for hair to become white is age. It is said that gray hairs start to come out at age 45 but many people start out much earlier.

Some experts say that the gray hair is determined by maternal genes. So, to get an idea of ​​when they will start to come out to you, you can set yourself or ask your mother when you started dating her.

Other contributing factors are stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

Home-made and natural dye to cover gray hair

Most people resort to commercial dyes to cover gray hairs. Although this is the easiest and quickest method to darken your hair, you should take into account that artificial agents to dye your hair can often have side effects like hair loss.

Then I bring you an herbal remedy that we can do to delay the appearance of gray hairs. This homemade and natural dye can be used instead of commercial dyes when the existing hairs are not many.

It should be clarified that it should only be used in dark hair.

We will need the following ingredients:
– 8 cups preferably distilled water
– 1 cup of crushed black walnut shells
– 1/2 cup nettle
– 1/2 cup of rosemary
– 1/2 cup of sage
– 2 bags of black tea but it is taken out of the bag
– 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
– 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

It should be clarified that the more porous the hair, the faster penetrate this rinse. Thick hair is more resistant to this remedy so it will be harder to darken. This rinse is not for people who already have more than 50% of the hair with gray

Tips regarding an sewing machine you happen

mesin jahit singer

Always rotate your rotary knob (hand wheel) left or perhaps counter-clockwise. since turning ones rotary knob on the opposite direction against the tension It causes your current timing to change your own settings. Except When issuing thread a good needle stuck at the trunk, but turning your wheel to be able to proper hand Just in case not exceed 180 degrees.
Before sewing location of the shoe (presser foot) Just in case always dibawah.Menjahit spot above your current presser foot will probably cause your own thread tangled and also spull (bobbins) jammed
Replace needle regularly every 16 hours associated with work with by the EMPLOY of blunt needles can produce damage to help the machine or perhaps stitching. Direkomendasaikan singular work with needles Singer for that Singer sewing machine.
Using your own right bobbins intended for sewing equipment anda.Bobbin class 66, class 15 and class 15 J looks like. However, ones USE involving bobbins The idea do not match will certainly cause damage to your sewing machine.
Giving oil / oil from an regular basis, via using / dripping oil inside area sufficient lifeboats (bobbin case) along with sticks the needle. intended for products 15 Cl, directly sewing machine, You\’ll shed some drops connected with oil on the steering wheel (hand wheel) with area meeting / friction by the body of an machine along with in the course of lubangan : holes with the bodywork.
When ones information instructs for you to receive an machine oil, as well as you\’re with the machine every night out we recommend to help required oil immediately after a week. whether or not an individual operate the machine soon after a good week will be wise for you to provide the oil soon after a good month. in addition to While with the machine immediately after the month, giving your current oil every 3 months.
If your own information does not instruct for you to provide your current engine oil, It means you happen to be already with the machine oiled by the factory along with do not need to provide oil again. But You will give 2- 3 drops of oil because the they will certainly not damage your current machine but The idea adds towards the maintenance of the machine. Do not utilize the lack involving good quality oil. wise MAKE USE OF singular oil Singer.
We recommend to do an general check-up / maintenance servicing your machine every 3-4 months to become stored and inside good road.
Here i submit ones Circumstances That often occur at the USE regarding sewing equipment in addition to The way to overcome them.


Sewing machine jammed:

Sewing machine jams due for you to tangled as well as stuck for the needle hook (stem needle)
How in order to overcome that:
Remove ones thread plus the opening and closing of a lifeboat
Turn your current hand wheel (head / rotary knob) machine back and forth by hand.
Take the tangled thread along with clean your own area along with lifeboats and also rods stuck needles
Sewing machine is actually noisy:

Sewing machine is noisy or loud usually caused coming from oil or maybe oil does not stick at the needle rod. your happens because the oil or even oil quality is actually not good. Therefore, always operate the sewing machine oil of good quality.
The fix is usually ??to clean the needle rod from the rest — your rest of the oil in addition to drops / apply new oil.
Noisy sewing machine needle can be caused via faulty as well as poor quality. your own fix replace your own needle using a new needle associated with good quality.
Stitches jump – jump:

Results stitching jump – jump (inconsistent) occurs because of Circumstances at the needle or maybe timing (tension) thread.
Problems at the Needle:
Your needle blunt or perhaps damaged. How you can cope by the new replacing your own needle connected with good quality in addition to size suitable in order to Any type of suture material.
The needle can be not installed correctly. Improper installation of the needle causes your own needle incase not Pick out up your own thread inside bobbin This caused the seam jump – jump. your fix replace your current needle along with attach your needle very well Equally instructed.
For Ailments in timing the possibility associated with timing your machine has been disturbed / changed as well as Specifications for you to end up being reset settings.
Needles usually are broken:

Often broken needle is usually caused because of its lack of good quality needle, improper installation, the needle hit the shoe, needle plate or maybe a good lifeboat (bobbin case) along with thick material The item does not match your current size of your needle.

How to be able to overcome :

Change your own needle from the needle connected with good quality.
Attach your needle according guidebook
Adjust your size of an needle for the thickness of the seam. Eg pertaining to thick fabrics similar to denim you need to UTILIZE a good needle size 16. throughout contrast for the thin material similar to satin or perhaps cotton you should work with an needle size 9 — 11. with regard to EMPLOY needles that are too large will certainly damage your fabric and Develop a seam That is less good.
Check that this installation of your shoe, needle plate along with lifeboats

Tips From Zero & Business start Definitely Success

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Tips start Enterprises Of Zero & Definitely Success – Having your own business from zero to reap success is the desire and the dream of many people. One thing that is very proud and happy when we could pioneer our own business from scratch and develop into success. Then the question is how to start a new business from the ground? Many things may be too complicated if you’re just imagining it, without doing an action, sebenarnyanya way to start a business is easy. All you need is to have a dream.

Due to our dreams can create incredible business idea, until finally the business idea is realized into a new profitable business opportunities. Once you have the idea of ??starting any business that you already have one step in the success, success that is waiting for you next is you realize how your business or businesses that you run with a multi-step process that must be done. Here are some tips and how to start a business from scratch.

Tips start Enterprises Of Zero & Definitely Success


Tips start Enterprises Of Zero & Definitely Success

Determining Business Idea
You should start by having a business idea or business you run. Think carefully and meticulously, but lest you be afraid to start to imagine the obstacles that may be passed. Business idea can be anything, but I suggest you choose a business idea in accordance with keampuan or talent you have. Do not be afraid you have a business idea to some people or even your own business it is just trivial and does not produce.

Any business that depends on your process running even if it is a business that can greatly underestimated produce incredible success. As you look at the motivation Bob Sadino a super-rich in Indonesia used to only have a business idea to sell eggs in the market, but look at now she has a tail millions of poultry farm with a turnover of billions per month. Or you try to think of 2004 when Facebook first launched will consider what is the advantage of facebook website without the potentially lucrative at all but through a process that is done mark Zuckerberg and some friends now Facebook has become the social media websites in the world, you need to know Any of these alone Facebook Mark now has an estimated fortune of more than 500 trillion and will continue to increase. a fantastic figure, for business ideas that do not assume you do not have the potential, all businesses have the potential to stay you through the process with a unique and foremost you have a business idea.

Create a vision and mission of the business
A business must have a clear vision and mission, so that the objectives and steps the business can be structured to support business development is built. Well this is an important mission and vision needed to support the success of your business idea. Make the vision and mission of your business idea with a mature, clear and well structured.

Take action
As good as any small business ideas that we had, will never be a successful endeavor if we do not act. Start a business that we plan with confidence and persistence, because running a business to achieve success requires a struggle and a long way with the hard work that must be undertaken. Like you have one field and you have the hoe was in a dream you dream of having a garden of tomatoes, if you just did not say anything just imagine the tomatoes you will grow and bear fruit by itself it is an impossible thing to happen, you have to act to realize the business idea you have ,

Always learning and doing observations
Langakah next important thing is to always be learning and doing observations. Observe entrepreneurs who have been successful with the same field, when we are relatively new businesses observe the management strategies they use. Another important thing is to deepen knowledge of all things related to what we are doing, so that we can be more innovative products. If you act alone as you want and think you are more correct way without considering the reference business that you get then your efforts are likely to fail.

Face obstacles and failures
I remember the words of a successful businessman I met them tell a story in which there was a gold miners have to dig as deep as hundreds of meters in the soil depth to get the gold, miners are sure to get the gold from such depths, but after some time he broke hoe and get a lot ynag hard rock he found he did not give up and continue the excavation.

An experienced for several times failed, but he continued to try to finally continue the excavation of gold, he memorized if he kept digging and keep trying he will get what he envisioned, really only just one meter dig beneath the hard stone that makes gold diggers first stop doing his job there was a lump of gold which he found. The first gold diggers sorry he had dug tens of meters in depth ground and she stopped work when the gold that he had dreamed of living an inch longer he get but he stopped because of the resistance and he failed. for that you have to have the motivation any obstacles that come in your mind think that behind these obstacles you’ll find your dream.

Build up a successful business is not easy, the obstacles and the risk of failure is almost always overshadow any effort. For it should we should always think positive towards existing bottlenecks and failures, because in every adversity there is an ease if we are willing to work hard. Without us knowing it, in a state of urgency will increase one’s creativity to find solutions to existing problems. Therefore, obstacles faced and enjoy mental effort because it will strengthen our efforts and increase our ability to build a business.

Variety of Health Benefits Eggplant For Body


Eggplant is a fruit-producing plants which are then used as vegetables, as well as tomatoes. This plant originally from Sri Lanka and India. The fruit has a variety of colors namely purple, green, and white. In Indonesia, eggplant often involved in a variety of dishes, ranging from vegetable fry until vegetables. Just like other vegetables, eggplant offers a variety of health benefits for the body. Nutrient Eggplant eggplant benefits for health come thanks to the content of nutrients-nutrients.

Eggplants are rich in vitamin C, K, B6, thiamine, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, fiber, folic acid, potassium, and manganese. In addition, eggplant contains very little cholesterol or saturated fat. Eggplant offer a myriad of benefits is vital in helping to maintain the health of the body including heart health, blood sugar control, to prevent cancer. Consider the following review more details .. Benefits Eggplant In Keeping digestive health Just like other vegetables, eggplant is a high source of dietary fiber. Fiber is essential for digestive health and beneficial to smooth bowel movement. Fiber also can stimulate gastric acid secretion which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and digestion of food. Fiber is also often associated with a reduced risk of heart disease because it can help expel “bad” cholesterol that can clog arteries and veins, causing atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. Benefits Eggplant In Helps you lose weight Eggplant is a good food to help you lose weight. This is because low-carbohydrate eggplant, nutrient-dense, and low in calories. One cup of eggplant contains just eight grams of carbohydrates. Eggplant is also a food berglikemik low, which means that a small amount of carbohydrates in eggplant does not cause a large effect on your blood sugar levels (another key to optimize weight loss). Benefits Eggplant In Keeping the immune system Eggplant is also the best source of antioxidants that are beneficial to keeping the body against various diseases. Vitamin C is contained in the eggplant is an important part of the immune system. In addition to vitamin C, the eggplant also contains manganese, a natural antioxidant and is an essential mineral. Moreover, eggplant contains nasunin and chlorogenic acid, two organic antioxidant that can inhibit free radicals, as well as having anti-bacterial and anti-viral. The presence of antioxidants in the body will make your whole body organ systems are protected from infection and malignancies, including cancer and heart disease. Benefits Eggplant In Maintaining Bone Health phenolic compounds contained in eggplant is very useful to protect the bones from bone degradation and osteoporosis. Phenolic compounds are compounds that give color in fruits, including the eggplant. Phenolic compounds have also been associated with a reduced risk of osteoporosis, increase in bone strength and bone mineral density. Eggplant also contains iron and calcium are high, where such substances play an important role in maintaining bone health. Other nutrients in the eggplant, potassium, also plays a role in calcium absorption. These facts make the eggplant as the food is very useful for maintaining bone health overall. Benefits Eggplant in Preventing Iron deficiency anemia can be dangerous for overall health, and it can cause anemia. Anemia is characterized by headaches and migraines, fatigue, weakness, depression, and cognitive impairment. Eating foods rich in iron to fight anemia, and eggplant contains enough iron. The other important component in the eggplant is copper. Without these two minerals, the number of red blood cells in the body will continue to decline. Keep the number of red blood cells remain normal will have a positive impact on the overall health of your body and avoid anemia. Eggplant Benefits Improve Brain Performance In Eggplants contain phytonutrients that has long been known as a booster for cognitive activity and mental health in general. These nutrients are not only as a protection against the arrival of free radicals and toxins that enter the body, but also can increase blood flow to the brain. With the number of oxygen-rich blood supply to the brain, then it can increase the strength of memory and thinking. Potassium in eggplant are also known to act as a vasodilator and brain boosters, so overall, this vegetable can be called as food for the brain. Benefits Eggplant In Keeping Heart Health There are a few things that make the eggplant is said to be useful in maintaining the health of your heart. As has been explained previously that eggplant can help reduce the presence of “bad” cholesterol in the body and stimulates the absorption of ‘good’ cholesterol. The balance of cholesterol in the body is constantly fluctuating based on the food we eat, but more cholesterol HDL we have, then it’s getting better. Reduce LDL cholesterol can prevent heart attacks, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Bioflavonoids eggplant is very beneficial in reducing blood pressure, where it will reduce the strain and stress on the cardiovascular system as well as excellent in improving the health and endurance of your heart. Benefits Eggplant In Controlling Blood Sugar Previously, experts have recommended the eggplant in the United States as part of the diet of people with diabetes have type 2. These vegetables are high in fiber and low in soluble carbohydrates. These vegetables are also rich in phenols, antioxidants that really help control blood sugar levels in diabetics. Phenol regulate the body’s metabolism of carbohydrates. It delivers insulin more time to break down carbohydrates, especially of processed foods that do not contain fiber or vitamins. Benefits Eggplant in Preventing Birth Defects Folate is one of the essential ingredients of the food is beneficial for pregnant women. Folic acid is directly protects babies from neural tube defects, which can manifest in several ways. Therefore, it is advisable for pregnant women to increase their intake of folic acid can be found in eggplant or other foods because it can be beneficial for the baby and the mother. * Supplement: Eggplant including vegetables which can cause allergic reactions in certain conditions. For them, consult your doctor before taking them. That some eggplant benefits for health. Hope it is useful..

How to Reach Success & Success

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Work hard
There is no success or success will find you without you working hard. Success and success is a combination of formula and a formula that is hard work. Many say that working smarter is better than hard work when it actually misguided opinion, both are becoming one formula that is not separated if you want to succeed. You work too hard but do not use your intelligence or work smarter, think extra but without any hard work to make it happen it will only become a mere intention or volition without any action.

There was no word surrender
Surrender is a word that might not be “appropriate” if you are willed to successful and unsuccessful. Success is failure delayed is not it? If you continue to try and try and improve by learning from the mistakes and successes then the success will be yours. And in fact there is no word “fail” in the attempt, as long as you are still trying, trying and do not stop what you are doing.

Forgive your past failures
Perhaps you have a gloomy past or failure in your past, but do not make it memperpuruk your condition. You must still move forward and make your past failures as a rearview mirror of your vehicle. You should occasionally look back through the rear view mirror just to make sure you drove right and pulled ahead with a lot better after you look back. Past or failures in the future are you learning to walk forward.

Get rid of obstacles to overcome
The problem is not you should avoid, if you are used to avoid problems when the time comes, the problems in your life and you can not avoid it pinned you will actually collapsed and could not be awakened. Success is a result of how you solve any problem and learn from it. To be successful and managed to be a lot of barriers, obstacles and trials and it is a sure thing. One of the things that most often makes people stop trying to be an assessment of people, talk, taunts and temptations them.

You can not stop others to judge or think about you. You can not stop the chatter is not good from the mouths of others, but your two ears bestowed by God that you can lid for things that are not good for you to hear. You do need constructive criticism from people who have proven successful and unsuccessful, but do not let anyone stop excoriation your steps forward.

Be patient
All processing takes to make it successful, including notable successes. To achieve success and your success requires a long process, obstacles and trials. Try to think even a person to be an adult to go through infancy, childhood, adolescence new adulthood. You can not force a newborn to live to be an adult, and the process takes time and if you follow the process someday you will become adults. Similarly, the success, you can not force what you try to soon be successful and the process took considerable time to make your business succeed and prosper.

The success of your own making
Increase confidence, spirit, remove all of your abilities, extra thinking, and all the things that need to be done for success and success. Because you yourself are able to realize and make it a success. Someone else does contribute and may have a role to success but you alone must build the foundation of your own success. You are the only person who can make your own success and the success of being someone else maybe that will help contribute to developing your success.

Do not compare with others
Comparing with other people is needed to assess how well you imitate or learn from someone who is successful before you. This will motivate you to work harder to realize your dream of success, but do not compare you to others in the negative side … This will actually make you feel inferior and stop your step. there will be doubt and negativity to your success. nah than you compare the negative side such as:

“Obviously he is more successful than I am because he bla..bla..bla .. (handsome, beautiful, rich, have the capital, had power, higher education)” then sebaiknay compare with positive statements like “If he was just a high school graduate can only successful, why do I have graduated from college can not, I have to be … ”

Pray and donate / share success
Someone to share the happiness and success to others, God will multiply him happiness and success. No one is charity or alms impoverished Rather, they will be more happy and successful. We are social creatures who can not live alone without any other people, sharing success and happiness will make you better understand the meaning of a better life. Pray also besides closer with God in carrying out your duties as a religious community also in prayer is a way to motivate yourself to act and think better because people pray nobody prayed for worse.

Authoritative & Respected Shirts, Here Tipsnya

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Tips to become an authoritative boss – Being a boss is possible for most people would think that such a position may be positioned easily because it has a lot of subordinates who helped her. And most people would think that most subordinates or employees will be reluctant with their superiors. But you should know that not all employees or subordinates respect their superiors, they are not reluctant because they love and respect the authority of their superiors, but they are reluctant (afraid) because the boss usually in control or have the authority to contribute dismiss employees or subordinates.

Authoritative & Respected Shirts, Here Tipsnya

Well this time I will share tips on how to become a respected authoritative boss subordinates with respect and like a subordinate not only because they are afraid. Being the boss has a big responsibility to accommodate the wishes and interests of higher superiors and responsible to communicate this to employees or subordinates to make the process work better or match the standard set by the company. Therefore, an employer must accommodate kepetingan superiors and subordinates properly and correctly. When the lame, for example only accommodate a higher position, it may be labeled “lick” or unfairly by his subordinates.

Here are some tips to help you become a boss who has authority in the presence of your subordinates, other than that they will love, honor and respect you as their leader:

An example and a good example for your subordinates
It has become common if the subordinates or employees will copy or imitate the behavior of his superior work. Leader or supervisor will be an example for subordinates or employees, so show you an example of a good boss and could be an example to your subordinates. Can you give an example like come on time, working diligently etc. By becoming a boss who can be an example to your subordinates, then you will be respected and liked by your employees. see also tips on improving the performance and promotion

Being a boss who disciplines will provide an assessment to your employees that you are assertive and authoritative boss could well motivate subordinates to imitate your attitude. Time discipline, work discipline, and discipline in any field related work will make you liked and respected your employees.

Giving praise and punishment
For menjdai boss authoritative and respected employees you do not need to be ashamed of praising your employees performing productive by providing bonuses according to performance but you also did not hesitate to impose penalties or sanctions that are appropriate for your employees who are lazy or do not obey the rules. Applying the appropriate reward and punishment will motivate your subordinates. For example, give more votes (reward) to subordinates who diligently worked than subordinates were lazy (punishment). Thus, industrious and lazy subordinates would know cause they got a salary increase of it. Hopefully, they will be more motivated to not lazy to work. see also tips on negotiating salary job interview.

Embrace your employees as “associates” rather than as “babu”
As an employer you are entitled to use your authority to adjust your employees. But do not use your authority to exceed the limits that make you sewenag treatment by your authority as a supervisor. Embrace your subordinates as your colleagues based on the duties and responsibilities of each. You as a leader can direct, develop, and provide a good example and your employees are obliged to follow the procession work according to the direction you as their supervisor. Well by embracing them as “colleagues” not as “babu” can you tell ordered to arbitrarily make subordinates will honor and respect you as a boss.

Always build good communication
To build a good emotional bond with subordinates hence always communicate well with subordinates will make you dignified in front of your subordinates. There is no harm in gathering or joking with employees in a timely manner or conduct weekly meetings specifically to accommodate complaints, difficulties or what is perceived by your employees associated with the job. Do not just be silent in the room or office. If you have spare time, for example when the coffee break or lunch, interact with your subordinates from any position. When interacting with them, make small talk fishing subordinate you comfortable talking with you. Conversation topics can be related to work or not.

be professional
Professionalism is how you look authoritative in front of your subordinates. how do you solve the problem, how your performance, how responsibility and your duty as a superior and others associated with the professionalism you will determine your authority in front of your employees or subordinates who incidentally has the character and diversity of each individual. Be professional and realized There were working in diverse work environments. Also read how to address a stern boss.

Continuous improvement, Controlling & build that better future
As a good boss you will perform a gradual improvement and continuous (continuous improvement). It is generally in the form of the ongoing effort to improve products, services, or work processes that make the future will be better.

In achieving its goals, you must have a good control on the extent of the achievement of your goals. These forms of control can be like a weekly meeting, meeting biweekly, or monthly meetings. Ask for proof to your subordinates in accordance with their responsibilities. In other words, do not believe the talk of your subordinates that everything is fine. If there is anything that misses the target, immediately evaluate and determine the next steps to get your target is reached.

Resolve difficulties and problems faced by your subordinates
You as the employer is required not only able to organize and direct the work process as requested by the company, to become an authoritative boss you should be more than it is nurture, guide and educate your employees well. Not all subordinates will carry out the work as you expect. Sometimes they were experiencing technical obstacles that need your guidance as his superior. Therefore, informasikannlah to your subordinates that you with open arms will guide your subordinates in carrying out the task and hit the target or in accordance with procedures established by the company.

7 Extraordinary Benefits for Health Eggplant

Eggplant is one of the purple colored vegetables that contain nutrients that are very unusual. This is because, eggplant contains calcium, minerals, fiber, bioflavonoids and vitamin K. We may have often consume these vegetables without knowing so much the efficacy of the eggplant vegetables. Begin love these vegetables, because we will thoroughly review the vegetables on this one. So, what are the benefits for health eggplant … ??? Friend, health tips. Eggplant into one of the foods that are familiar at all levels of Indonesian society. A very affordable price make the eggplant into one of the foods most populist. But ignorance of the content and efficacy of eggplant make these vegetables began excluded from the list or the ranks of our favorite foods. Health tips, the following 7 tremendous benefits eggplant for health:


Brain food. The content of phyto nutrients in the eggplant is one of the nutrients that are needed by the brain organ. So, for those of you who are confused to choose the type of food that is able to nourish the brain, the eggplant will be one solution.
Better digestion. High fiber content in eggplant can help heal the digestive tract and prevent cancers that can affect your colon.
Diabetes deterrent. This is because, eggplant is a source of soluble fiber and low in carbohydrates are excellent for preventing diabetes.
Food For Heart. This is because, eggplant can help lower bad cholesterol are at risk of harm to the heart organ.
Control High Blood Pressure. Bioflavonoids plays a major role in helping to lower high blood pressure that could threaten the quality of your health.
Bones Healthier And Stronger. Calcium content of eggplant can reinforce and maintain the strength of the joints and bones.
Anemia deterrent. The content of iron in the eggplant will help prevent anemia or less blood that may be suffered by some people.

Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus tends to attack men more often than women, especially those with a family history of this infection.

Other factors that can increase the risk of nail fungus are:
Excessive sweating, damp working environment, wearing socks and shoes that do not have adequate ventilation and do not absorb sweat, walk barefoot in damp public areas such as swimming pools, gyms and showers, have athlete’s feet, have cuts nails, suffering from diabetes, psoriasis, circulatory problems or a weakened immune system.

In doing the treatment, you must be consistent. This is very important, even for the treatment of nail fungus because it takes up to two months to see the results.
What is used to remove nail fungus

1. Apple vinegar to remove the fungus on the nail

An excellent home remedy for fighting nail fungus is apple cider vinegar. Soak your feet in a solution of 1 liter of warm water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar that has been prepared.

You can also apply apple cider vinegar directly to the infected nails with a brush about three times a day until healed.
2. Garlic

Garlic is one of the strongest antimicrobials used to remove nail fungus. Boil 5 cloves of garlic and leave to boil.

Pour the water with garlic into the basin and wait a few minutes for the water is not too hot. Put a clean foot in garlic water for 15 minutes. Practice this recipe until repair looks.

3. More garlic antifungal

Add 1 finely chopped garlic clove, 5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of white iodine to a bottle of nail polish. Let stand for 2 weeks. Shake well and apply a layer of nail polish for 15 days in a row. After 16 days remove enamel.
On the 17th day repeat the process until the mushroom disappears. Another option is to crush the garlic and put it directly on the nail and leave for 30 minutes. The feet should be clean before applying this treatment.

Wash your feet and let your nails wet. Put the salt into the nail and insert it into the stockings. Repeat twice a day.

5. Tea tree oil to remove the fungus on the nail

One of the most effective natural remedies against toenail fungus is tea tree oil. Apply tea tree oil directly to the nail, two or three times a day until you get the desired result.

Allergy tests should be performed before using this medication as some people may be allergic to tea tree oil. Growing men should not use tea tree oil.

6. Vick’s VapoRub

Who would have thought this ointment for colds also serves to remove mildew in the legs. Wash your feet, dry and apply twice a day. Use of Vicks VapoRub

7. White vinegar

Put your feet in a 1 liter solution of water and a cup of white vinegar for 15 minutes. Repeat twice a day until you see the results.


Home Remedies for Excessive Underarm Sweating

Everyone sweats in the armpit area, this is completely normal since the body has to perspire. The body removes toxins and other impurities through sweat, but when sweating is excessive, it can become a problem.
There are several causes of excessive undera
rm sweating. These include diet, medication or genetics.

If you suffer from excessive sweating under the arms, there are several natural remedies that can serve you.

Home remedies can help the body eliminate toxins, prevent excessive sweating, and absorb moisture before the scent they cause bacteria to invade the area. Natural beauty.  Commercial deodorants only remove the smell but do not stop the real problem, sweating. To prevent the secretion of sweat you need an antiperspirant. The following recipe does both.

– 1/4 cup baking soda
– 1/4 cup cornstarch
– 6-8 tablespoons virgin and unrefined coconut oil
– essential oil of your favorite aroma (optional)

Mix the baking soda with the cornstarch. Add the coconut oil and beat well. It is poured into a container and cooled to make it solid.

It is used as a deodorant under the arms. But do not apply if you have just shaved your armpits because it can irritate your skin.

Natural Deodorant of Vinegar and Lavender Essential Oil

Mix half a cup of vinegar with 30 drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil in a bowl and cover with a tight lid. Stir and let stand for a week so that essential oils are mixed well with vinegar.

Keep it in a dry place out of direct light. Every day shake the bowl for about 30 seconds. After a week, it can be used. 3 tablespoons of deodorant are poured into the water in the tub.
Exfoliate armpits to reduce sweating

Sometimes excessive sweating is caused by clogged pores. These natural exfoliants help the skin breathe better. Foods that can be used as exfoliants are oatmeal, lemon juice, sea salt and ground coffee. Rub the problem areas with these natural exfoliators about twice a week.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is an excellent natural deodorant. It can also help to lighten darkened skin under the arms.

Milk of magnesia

One of the alternate uses of milk of magnesia is like homemade deodorant. Helps remove bad odor and control sweat.
Sage turnip and sage tea

Excessive sweating is caused by the activity of the sweat glands. You can reduce this activity by drinking a couple of cups of sage tea a day or rubbing turnip juice in areas where sweating occurs.
Steam baths to reduce sweating

Steam baths can eliminate the accumulation of toxins in the body, which can sometimes be the cause of excessive sweating in the armpits. In addition, steam baths also relax the mind and body, which reduces the stress hormones. Only adults in good health should take steam baths. Take a 10 to 20 minute steam bath a day if your skin does not dry and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
Antiperspirant talc

Dusts absorb moisture under the arms and kill the bacteria that cause the bad odor. To make a homemade talcum you can use cornstarch and your favorite essential oil. It is applied in the armpits after the bath or shower.
Diet & Exercise

Exercise and diet play an important role in eliminating body odors. Eat a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and fiber. On the other hand, exercise allows the body to transpire through all pores reducing the need for excessive underarm sweating.