Important to Know! This is food Patients with Stomach Acid

The digestive system is a channel that functions in the human body to digest or process the food consumed.

The digestive system consists of certain organs, one of which is the stomach. Gastric a digestive organ that has a function as a place where digested food consumed as well as the absorption of nutrients.

Same with the organs of digestion more, the stomach is also often attacked by the disease . Where one gastric disease in which stomach acids or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Gastric acid itself is a common disease that is often suffered by many people. However, most people do not know or never aware of this disease. This is due to lack of understanding or ignorance of them will be the symptoms caused.

The condition is caused by acid reflux in the stomach into the esophagus. Gastric acid itself is a substance that helps the stomach acid in its function to digest food.

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Usually when stomach acid rises will cause pain and burning sensation in the chest. Which one’s own stomach acid rises due to various factors, such as lack of proper lifestyle or apply unhealthy eating patterns.

There are some foods that should be avoided by people with stomach acid, so that stomach acid does not rise and getting worse so that it will lead to other complications.

Food to Avoid Patients with Stomach Acid

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are foods that are believed to have benefits that are good for health. However, not all types of fruits have good benefits, since there are several types of fruit and vegetables dipantang for consumption by patients with gastric acid. The fruit in question, namely, bananas, kedondong, jackfruit, and dried fruit. As for vegetables, namely, mustard and cabbage. These foods are rich in gas, which can trigger acid reflux.

Soft drink

Soft drinks are also very for those suffering from gastric acid. Carbonated beverages will indeed be very enjoyable consumed for refreshing. However, consuming this drink continuously even be bad for health, one of which is rising or high stomach acid. Effects that would normally be caused by these drinks is the stomach to be bloated and uncomfortable. In addition, a fairly high sugar content also increases the risk of obesity.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods can cause weight gain and cholesterol in the body. In addition, fatty foods can also increase the risk of acid reflux. Because the fatty foods is one type of food to be digested so it will slow down the emptying of the stomach. If left unchecked, then stretch the stomach will increase, so that in the end the acid levels in the stomach will be increased.


Chocolate is a food that should be avoided when stomach acid to rise. This is because chocolate contains caffeine and high in fat.

Spicy food

Spicy foods will cause heartburn, also not good for the health of the stomach. Additionally, spicy foods can also cause acid in the stomach to be increasing. When stomach acid rising spicy foods should be avoided. This is due to the spicy food will add to the pain and burning in the stomach, throat and chest.

Food Made Tomato

Tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods. However, behind it all tomatoes also contain acid levels high enough so that, if ingested, cause stomach acid increased. Avoid foods made from tomatoes, such as tomato sauce, spaghetti and so forth.


In alcohol is not contained much acid. However, when drinking it will cause many problems. Drinking alcohol will cause stomach acid to rise and getting up into the esophagus. This will be the case when you mix alcohol with other beverages such as juices.

Those are some foods that should be avoided when the prohibition or stomach acid to rise, because the consumption of food on top of it will increasingly make stomach acid up.

There are several things you can do to prevent acid reflux. To find out you can see below.

Preventing Stomach Acid Rising

Consumption of Fruit to Prevent Stomach Acid Up

Certain types of fruits are believed to be able to prevent acid reflux. Here is fruit in question:


Fruit, watermelon is a fruit that is easy to find and can be purchased at affordable prices. Berawarna red fruit other than fresh and delicious when eaten also serves to keep the acid levels in the body.


Mango contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Which serves to keep the content of the stomach lining and stomach lining.


Consuming cucumber can reduce the sensation of heat in the body, and is able to treat pain in the stomach caused by excess stomach acid.

Consumption of food and beverages to Prevent Stomach Acid


Ginger is a medicinal plant which is anti-inflammatory. Which nature is able to assist in treating or dealing with indigestion.

Coconut water

In addition to refreshing, young coconut water can also help restore electrolytes in the body are reduced due to the activity. In addition, the electrolyte contained in coconut water can also maintain the acidity of the stomach so as not to increase and remain balanced.


Oatmeal is the best breakfast menu to reduce acid reflux. In addition to be the breakfast menu, oatmeal can also be used as a healthy snack.


Calcium contained in milk is high enough. Thereby functioning as an antacid drug which is used to neutralize stomach acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is effective to gastric acid in the stomach. Because, in the apple cider vinegar contains enzymes and healthy acids that can help neutralize the acid in the stomach.

Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption

Symptoms of gastric acid can be reduced by consuming foods containing high sugar and carbohydrate. Based on research, carbohydrates play a role in triggering the gastric acid compared with fatty foods or coffee.

Drink Enough Water

Dehydration can affect an increase in stomach acid. However, drinking too much too fast can make a full stomach. Therefore, we should be able to control when drinking. You can drink water at the recommended servings of about 8 glasses per day.

Avoid Eating Food May Trigger Stomach Acid Rising

Avoid foods that can trigger acid reflux, as already mentioned above can be done as a precaution.

Reduce Weight

Being overweight is one of the triggers acid reflux. To reduce it, can make a healthy diet by eating vegetables that are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. The ideal weight is able to prevent acid reflux.

Reduce Stress

Stress can also trigger acid reflux. Therefore, avoid stress is highly recommended as a precautionary measure.

Those are some tips to prevent acid reflux. May be useful.

22 217 Climber Killed and Missing from the summit of Mount Everest

At least 22 climbers were killed and 217 others were missing near the base camp of Mount Everest where hundreds of climbers, including many foreigners, stranded after an avalanche swept Nepal huge earthquake triggered the world’s highest peak.

More than 60 climbers were injured and many foreign adventurers, climbers and guides at the base camp were reported missing when an avalanche swept down Everest and buried under snow yesterday, India Times reported today.

22 217 Climber Killed and Missing from the summit of Mount Everest

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While 17 people were killed at the base camp , five other deaths – were reported on Sunday – is the area below the base camp , the interior ministry official said.

Thirty-two people were rescued from the region to date. They were rescued by five helicopters, said Suresh Acharya, joint secretary in the ministry of tourism.

About 22 people severely injured climbers on Sunday transported by helicopter, including from the Indian air force, to the village of Pheriche, the nearest medical facility, despite the bad weather hamper rescue and relief operations. Some of the injured have also been transported by plane to the capital.

Romanian climber Alex Gavan, who were in the base camp , mem- posting to his Twitter account: “All helicopter evacuated badly injured. Caring for those in need. Do you want to sleep.”

There are more than a hundred climbers in the camps I and II of Mount Everest, on top of the base camp , and all were reported safe, Nepal Mountain Association official said on Sunday.

Team Mountain Indian soldiers were hiking in Everest also safe at base camp (17,500 feet) and on Saturday had helped evacuate 13 bodies, said an Indian army spokesman.

54 year old Indian man who tried to climb all the highest peaks on seven continents, stuck in camp II Everest along with eleven other climbers.

One Chinese climber is one among the dead, while the technology company Google on Sunday reported the death of one Google executive California, Dan FREDINBURG, the Everest disaster.

Madison Mountaineering bermaskas in the US who said doctors base camp of his, Marisa Eve Girawong, was killed in an avalanche on Everest.

Nepal tourism ministry officials estimate that at least 1,000 climbers, including about 400 foreigners, were in the base camp when the worst earthquake in 80 years on Saturday afternoon triggered avalanche on Everest. The quake also shook the neighboring India and China, as India Times reported.

Anticipation Earthquake

Anticipation Earthquake:  home earthquake kit

1. What to do when an earthquake occurs.
1. If you are indoors, protected from heavy objects are easy to fall, refuge table or other furniture that is considered to be strong and secure. Hold foot table or other furniture where you take shelter and be wary if the furniture shifted. Wait until the vibration stops, and if it is safe march to move to the place safer and wary of objects easily fall as glass, the furniture heavy, and others as well as the most important thing is you have to be quiet.

Gambar terkait

2. If you are outdoors, find an open spot, protected from buildings, electricity, large trees and others.
3. If you are driving, stop if it is safe and try masi in the vehicle, avoid bridges tunnels and electricity.
4. If you’re on the mountain or unstable slope avoid rock falls or object – other objects that may move or fall as a result of the earthquake.
5. If you are on the beach, beware of the tide fled to place higher and do not close towards the sea.
2. What to do after an earthquake.
a) To those who were seriously injured, do not be left alone and do not move unless they are in immediate danger will add to the wound again.
b) Be aware of the fire.
c) Turn off the gas stove, soon dropped out of the gas stream and the installation or disconnect hose from the gas flow tube.
d) Turn off the electric light source.
e) Lower heavy objects hanging on the wall that might fall on people.
f) Prepare the lighter items for basic needs that are easy to carry and lightweight drugs for the purpose of at least 3 days if you move to the place that is far away.
g) Beware tsunamis if you live near the beach.
h) Be aware of other earthquakes. Although the strength of earthquake aftershocks are smaller than the main quake, but some vibration can increase the damage to the building structure. Leave the house or building that has undergone structural changes since the main earthquake.

3. To deal with any time of the earthquake, what to do at this point.

You should know the area or areas prone to earthquakes. If you are in areas prone to earthquakes, the matters relating to the occurrence of damage or casualties from the earthquake should be prepared. Preventing the occurrence of earthquakes is impossible. Similarly predict when an earthquake will occur is also a very difficult job.

For that you need to do is minimize the damage caused by an earthquake, for example strengthen the construction of residential buildings in accordance with earthquake-resistant construction. Building homes using wood is just one example of earthquake-resistant construction. Make sure heavy items of household furniture you are safe, it will not fall on you when you’re indoors or while you are sleeping. Source: Meteorological and Geophysical Agency.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee for body and health is

The coffee is very popular as a drink in the morning to start the day for the body and the mind becomes fresh, and is also commonly used as a drink to accompany in time to sleep late.

Although it is not categorized as a food / beverage health, not little research has revealed that drinking three cups of coffee or more-even in the day-has health benefits.

A 13-year study involving more than 400 -and thousands of those conducted by the National Cancer Institute and published in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’, concludes that loyal coffee drinkers have a risk of premature death 16 percent smaller.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Health

Drinking coffee may increase the levels of stress hormones in the body and lead to addictions to caffeine. However, the following are some of the health benefits of coffee, provided that you limit the use of creams and sugar.

Coffee beneficial for health

1Coffee prevent gallstone disease
Researchers at Harvard in 2002 found that women who drank at least four cups of coffee a day were at 25 percent lower risk of gallstones. A previous study found similar results for men.

2Coffee may prevent depression
Women who drank two to three cups of coffee a day 15 percent less likely to experience depression , and those who drank four cups had a 20 percent lower risk, according to a 2011 report in the “Archives of Internal Medicine.”

3The coffee may improve memory
Coffee may help improve memory , both long and short term memory. In a 2005 study presented at the Radiological Society of North America , the researchers found that consuming two cups of caffeinated coffee improve short-term memory and reaction speed.

More interestingly, a study in 2007 found that women aged 65 and older who drank three cups of coffee or more a day have a better performance on memory tests and were less likely to show memory loss than those who drank only one cup a day.

4Coffee reduces risk of diabetes
Studies show that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes . A report in January 2012 in the ‘Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry’ then explain why. That is because the effect of the compounds contained in coffee will deter hIAPP, polypeptides that can produce abnormal protein fibers, which are found in people with type 2 diabetes.

5Coffee lowers risk of cancer
Coffee consumption has been associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer, endometrial, prostate and liver cancer, and they are associated with obesity, estrogen and insulin. A 2008 study in Sweden found that drinking at least two to three cups a day may reduce the risk or delay the onset of breast cancer.

But not only women who benefit. A study was recently dropped out of Harvard School of Public Health found that the coffee-both common or without kafein- resulted in decreased risk of prostate cancer.

6Coffee increases the body’s metabolic
Coffee can help you maintain – or even menurunkan- weight. A long study in 1980 found that the caffeine found in coffee stimulates the body’s metabolism, and it was only in the “normal,” while the people who are obese, they experienced greater fat oxidation.

7coffee lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease
“Journal of the American Medical Association” in 2000 found that caffeine and coffee consumption will result in lower risk of developing Parkinson’s . A 2010 study also found that drinking two to three cups of coffee every day makes a person has a 25 percent lower chance of experiencing the disease.

8Coffee contains antioxidants
A Harvard researcher Edward Giovannucci, in a study published in “Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention,” noting that coffee has more antioxidants than most vegetables and fruits. In fact, a 2005 study found that coffee is the first unrutan as a source of antioxidants in the American diet.

9Coffee increases the performance and the performance of
Coffee – and caffeine in it – has been shown in some studies to increase endurance and short-term performance. A study in 2008 concluded that the benefits of caffeine before a workout appears in endurance (endurance), the moment of the stop-and-go and on a long-term high-intensity activity. It also may help athletes perform well during strength training – even when lack of sleep – if taken one hour before a workout at a dose of 4 mg per kg body weight.

10Coffee may prevent gout
A 2007 study in men aged over 40 years to connect the long-term coffee consumption with a lower risk of gout, an inflammatory condition caused by elevated levels of uric acid. Neither regular coffee or decaf will have a positive impact, and those who drank six cups a day had a 60 percent lower risk avoid arthritic conditions.

What to do during an earthquake

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) nearly every day to announce an earthquake in various parts of Indonesia. Disaster expert staff of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Surono, said the potential for an earthquake in Indonesia reaches 30 percent of earthquakes occur worldwide.

Surono added that this earthquake statistics by category earthquake that caused the death of 1,000 more. According to the website of BMKG, Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because the path traversed by the confluence of three tectonic plates, namely: Indo-Australian Plate, the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate.

Illustration shelter under a strong table during an earthquake.

Earthquake insurance – Indo-Australia plate moves relative to the north and infiltrate into the Eurasian plate, while the Pacific plate moves relative to the west. Strip plates meeting at sea so that in the event of a major earthquake with a shallow depth of it will potentially cause a tsunami that Indonesia is prone to tsunamis.

Therefore, the earthquake could occur at any time and are difficult to predict. What if an earthquake suddenly come? Do not panic and try to apply the following important things.


1. Lower the position of the body

The basic method is also used to deal with this fire is the first thing you can do when an earthquake occurs. Kneeling and lying down is highly recommended to help balance yourself against vibration.

2. Find a shelter

When you are indoors, take cover under a sturdy table or chair. When there are no objects that could be used to protect yourself, cover your face, head, and neck with both arms, then curl up in a corner. Avoid switching room.

If you are in bed, stay there and cover your head using a pillow. Your security will be more secure if you do not get out of bed. However, if you are under the chandelier that is likely to fall, immediately move to a safer place.

3. Holding onto solid objects

When the ground shook and all the objects falling, hold on to solid objects around you. Do this until the earthquake completely stopped.


1. Get out of the room. Risk injury will be much greater when you are trying to get out of the room.

2. Approaching / towards the door – with the intention of sheltering behind it.

3. Moving around the room – with the intention of seeking refuge.

Affirm BMKG Earthquake Predicted Difficult

The news of the departure of worms from the ground in a weak condition, disturbing the public Bantul, Yogyakarta. Moreover, the emergence of the worm was linked to the issue of the coming earthquake.

Kasi Observation Geophysics Station Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Yogyakarta Bambang Subagyo said there was no link between the release of worms from the ground by the occurrence of earthquakes. Earthquake insurance california

Affirm BMKG Earthquake Predicted Difficult“Actually there is no direct connection (between the worm with the earthquake). The earthquake was hard to predict,” said Bambang Subagyo.

He explained that the animals move out, due to the influence of weather. “Possibly because of the heat. A few days earlier, about 27 to May 31 some point in Bantul not rain, such as in Pleret, Bantul, and Imogiri. Only then 1st (June) rains,” he said.

He added, the earthquake is different from the others. If the mountain will experience eruption, around the mountain there will be changes in the air temperature and the animals are usually going down.

“But if the quake, has not been proven the initial symptoms of worms out of the ground. Unlike when the Merapi eruption, for example, there are animals around it down, because the temperature change,” he said.

He also requested, so that the news about the worm phenomenon addressed wisely.

“No need to be excessive, then linked. Earthquakes can not be predicted, when and mananya. Even if later an earthquake, it is worth the time,” he said.

According to him, the earthquake is still threatening the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Because, in the Indian Ocean between Australia there is a slab with Java.

Reported earlier, a message appears in Yogyakarta chain circulating through various social media related catastrophe will occur in the near future. The message contains a natural phenomenon related to the release of earthworms in a weak condition.

Wow! Apparently, the Prophet used to Make Infused Water Also, Loh. Also know Usefulness Here!

Infused water seems to be a healthy beverage trends suggested that continue to this day. Made from fresh fruit pieces are soaked in water for several hours, infused water is believed to provide many health benefits for the body and become an alternative for us who do not much like the taste of white fresh water so that the adequacy of body fluids remain . The benefit, among others, maintain weight, cleanse toxins in the body (detoxification), to a source of vitamins also minerals from fruits.

Really infused water is excellent at the moment? Apparently, since the first Prophet was taking infused water made from dates and raisins, the drink is named nabeez . Prophet consume nabeez made from dates or raisins soaked in boiled water for 12 hours and dates that have been gently be eaten one gulp. Then, what are the benefits of infused water in the style of the Prophet this?

Restorer Power or Energy after fasting all day or Activity

The reason behind the suggested dates as food to break the fast is its ability to recover and provide energy. The content of natural sugars (sucrose, glucose, and fructose) that enter the body are converted into energy to support their daily activities. In addition, the sugar can also improve brain function and cure depression. No wonder many people are eating sweet foods when you’re stressed or sad.

High fiber, Good for Heart and Digestive

As with other fruits, dates are also rich in fiber or fiber. We no longer need to question what is the function of fiber. This substance can filter the bad cholesterol in the body, so it can be removed from the risk of dangerous diseases, especially cholesterol and cardiovascular problems. Fiber also protects against digestive disorders like constipation.

Iron Good sources for the production of hemoglobin

Iron is a hemoglobin-forming component and provide a deep red color to the blood cells and helps carry oxygen to body cells. Efficacy of dates in brain health is not just because of the sugar content, but also iron support about 20% of oxygen supply to the brain. As we know well, iron can prevents anemia.

High Potassium to Support Healthy Heart and Blood Pressure

Potassium into the body will be utilized by the autonomic nervous system that controls heart rate, brain function and other important physiological processes. For Friends of Umm Abi who had problems of hypertension, potassium in dates can help lower blood pressure as well, tablets. Efficacy magic is the ability of potassium in reducing muscle pain due to sports or activities, including restoring energy, such as sugar.

Zink Able Improve Fitness Men

One again the role of dates in energy, this time specifically for Abi. Zink dalan date proven to increase the production of testosterone which is good for male fitness. In addition, zinc also support prostate health. For other family members, zinc is useful in strengthening the body’s immune defenses and as antioxidants to maintain healthy skin and prevent interference Ummi growth in children.
No wonder so if palm fruit called a special, his Prophet. In fact, Western medicine dub dates as the super fruit. With many of these benefits, we can participate to make nabeez at home for the family. Occasionally, replacing the lemon, strawberry, or leaves of mint in the infused water with dates, yuk. Good luck!

Aussie jumps on jobs data, China yuan trade

The Aussie jumped on the surge in new jobs as initial yuan-denominated trade data from China was also a key driver from the currency like a top trading partner.

Aussie jumps on jobs data, China yuan trade

The U. S. kurs dollar, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, eased 0. 08% at 99. 985, down 0. 58%.

AUD / USD jumped 0. 60% to 0. 7568, while USD / JPY changed hands at 108. 8406, down 0. 17% with tensions upon the Korean peninsula in focus.

In Australia, the central bank will released its Financial Stability Review with comment that banks were in sounsd shape overall, however that high houing prices could prompt a look into tightening lending rules to avoid instability.

The concern is investors are prone to contribute towards the amplification from the cycles in borrowing and housing prices, generating additional risks to the longer term health from the economy, the RBA said inside a report in which the word vulnerable cropped up repeatedly.

Also, jobs data showed a surge inside the employment change figure for March to 60, 900 workers compared to some gain of 20, 000 seen, with a steady unemployment rate of 5. 9%. China’s imports soared by 31. 1% in yuan terms, customs data showed on Thursday, with exports up 14. 8% for the very first quarter given by a year ago. China reported a trade surplus of CNY454. 94 billion inside the period.

In dollar terms, exports rose 16. 4 % year-on-year in March with imports soaring 20. 3%, both beating expectations, for any trade balance surplus of $23. 9 billion, greater than double the expected figure.

Overnight, the dollar fell to session lows against a basket of major currencies on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump said the currency is getting too strong while geopolitical concerns continued to weigh on sentiment.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, that he thinks the currency (dollar ) is getting too strong and hinted that he may reappoint Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve Board when her term ends in 2018, as he added We do as a low-interest rate policy, I should be honest with you”.

It wasn’t the very first time Trump expressed concern during the strength from the dollar, after he previously warned in January, that the soaring greenback has disadvantages for U. S. companies that lots of business abroad.

Trump’s comments came against rising geopolitical tensions, that has caused a flight to safety, as investors shun risk property in favor of traditional safe-haven property for example gold, U. S. treasuries and also the yen.

Dollar denominated property for example gold are sensitive to moves inside the dollar – a slump inside the greenback, tends to extend interest in the yellow metal, because it becomes cheaper for foreign buyers.

Dollar slides as Trump says currency is ‘getting too strong’

The dollar slumped broadly on Thursday, falling to some five-month low against the yen, after U. S. President Donald Trump helped accelerate its recent decline by saying the currency was too strong.

Dollar slides as Trump says currency is 'getting too strong'

The greenback took an important hit after Trump told the Wall Street Journal the dollar is getting too strong which he would like the Federal Reserve to stay rates of interest low.

The comments were a brand new reminder from the president’s protectionist trade rhetoric, which has long been supply of concern for dollar bulls.

Trump’s comments came at any given time when some had begun to believe that perhaps the president wasn‘t as supportive of the weak dollar as initially perceived, said Shin Kadota, senior strategist at Barclays (LON : BARC ) in Tokyo.

But he reiterated his view that a robust currency hurts U. S. competitiveness, adding fresh downward pressure upon the dollar.

The U. S. currency was 0. 3 percent lower at 108. 805 yen after stooping to some five-month low of 108. 730. Inside a bearish technical signal, the pair broke below its 200-day moving average of 108. 75.

The dollar has shed 2 percent against the yen thus far soon, using the safe-haven Japanese currency already on the bullish footing due to a rise in geopolitical tensions.

There will be fresh concerns in regards to the French presidential election and possible U. S. military action against Syria and North Korea. With investors viewing South Korea’s sovereign notes like a riskier bet upon the rising tensions, the premium to the country’s credit default swap debt insurance has risen to some nine-month high.

That Trump seemed unmoved from the significant weakening from the dollar against the yen already set up increased nervousness toward the U. S. Treasury’s semi-annual currency report due Friday, and next week’s U. S. -Japan bilateral dialogue.

It appears the Trump administration is attempting to make up to its internal policy shortcomings having a show of force in external policy, leading to some confrontational stance with trade partners, said Daisuke Karakama, market economist at Mizuho Bank.

Currencies rates and trade balance inevitably become themes to confront others countries with. So if you feel inside the forex market it requires lots of courage to purchase the dollar at this time.

The euro rose 0. 1 percent to $1. 0669, not far given by a six-day high of $1. 0675 reached overnight.

The dollar lost significant ground against the pound and Swiss franc also, and thus the dollar index versus a basket of major currencies lost about 0. 7 percent to some two-week low of 100. 040 (DXY ).

The Australian dollar was given some breathing room like the greenback slumped. Stronger-than-expected domestic employment data also lifted the currency.

It was eventually up 0. 5 percent at $0. 7567, pulling far from a three-month low of $0. 7473 plumbed the previous day when wide-spread risk aversion amid simmering geopolitical concerns took its toll upon the Aussie.

The dollar was on track to its third straight day‘s losses against China’s yuan, after rising to some one-month high in the beginning each week.

The yield upon the benchmark U. S. 10-year Treasury note (US10YT=RR ) was at 2. 234 percent after touching 2. 221 percent, its lowest in nearly five months.

China tells banks to come clean on misdemeanors

China’s banking regulator has told lenders to conduct checks on improper trading, incentives, innovation and charges, consistent with a document seen by Reuters.

China tells banks to come clean on misdemeanors

The move is that the latest inside a flurry of orders coming from the regulator after Guo Shuqing took the helm from the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC ) in February.

Chinese regulators want to contain risks inside the banking system as more borrowers find it difficult to avoid defaults and levels of non-performing loans (NPLs ) rise.

Through self-inspections and spot checks, the CBRC wants to ensure there isn‘t any untoward behavior in interbank investment and financing and also the investment of wealth management product funds, two sources with direct knowledge said.

Analysts say those two areas are among the many riskiest potential flashpoints in China’s banking system.

The CBRC Couldn‘t be immediately reached for comment.

We have have conducted on-site regulatory inspections, said perhaps one of the sources who works with a regulator.

The move is to ensure there will be adequate risk safeguards behind innovative business and new products, he added.

Checks on improper innovation cover whether there will be adequate stress tests set up for innovative products and whether management conduct regular risk assessments, based on the document dated April 6.

Inspections of improper trading involve probing interbank business to discover if bank health has been masked by multiple trades and also the impact of sell and buy-back deals on balance sheets, the document added.

Checks on incentives include whether actions are taken purely to manipulate market standings among other activities, while inspections of improper charges will cover unreasonable loan charges.

The news was initially reported by Caijing magazine.

The CBRC told lenders to conduct self-inspections in areas for example using loopholes to circumvent rules at the conclusion of March, consistent with documents seen by Reuters during Monday, the CBRC issued guidelines on risk-control.