Paolo Zanardi – Return Journey

Paolo Zanardi – Return Journey

Evidently Andrea Pazienza was looking very forward with her imagination, enough to lead to a truer adaptation of the true variety of his characters, at least over the last decade and passes. Because Paolo Zanardi, always one of the boot mavericks mossisi with caution, without any hurry, it is a bit ‘as well and acts following a path that five years after All parties tomorrow it brings back with an album that is not just the ideal continuation of the latter, but probably the most significant of his career.

return trip is a good time to be dealing with an artist who makes it all the bard of urban animal fables (the lopsided underwater crossing-like pop of Noah’s Ark) as the marginalized (Romeo and Juliet, the funky-disco tragic military Hospital (story of a transvestite)), and does so with a grace that among its peaks has the Caribbean tango There is splendor in everything and atypical wave trends that inflame the rock-blues Russian roulette, but are no less than march that mentioned in the lilting ballad Little Marilyn, complete with a hammond typically 70’s, returns with a martial gait in proclame the title track, complete with a mocking mellotron, and slices of folk life public housing, which accentuate a country component of, or even vaguely swing,

My two cents # 27

Heavy brass – s  t EP (B.R.ASS  SoloMacello  ToomiLabs, 5 t.)

The metal without the metal unusual dichotomy, the same intensity. If in the beginning the guitars were replaced by bows, well used by Apocalyptica primordial with reinterpretations of Metallica, now to come forward in our own borders is the equally fascinating idea of ??the winds, already in the case of an essential element of jazz-sax size core, as taught by the Zu, but this time to have a say are trumpet and trombone. Paul Raineri, Francesco Bucci and Simone Cavina, the core of Brass Heavy, are fully aware of this, and in the five tracks on this debut EP result in a gritty TNT so much fun, an original synergy where a succession are the unleashed melodic death Blacksmith Surgery, the thrash of Grindstone and the heavy gait of Blood Casting, without miss the powerful kingship of Brassphemy, very slayeriana, and an Evil Anvil in which peeps the hardcore nature, adequate summary of general result. A bet by the Faenza trio, successful and tasty. Gustavo Tagliaferri

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