Paying from the mobile with the face will not be possible until 4 years

Pay with the iris using the cell phone

During the presentation of its latest flagship, Samsung was breastfeeding the security improvements introduced in its new terminal. In addition to the fingerprint reader, whose location has been criticized to the point of satiety, the Galaxy S8 features an iris reader on the front, and an advanced facial recognition system, which aims to be one of the most reliable security methods .

But now, a group of experts has come to finish a stroke with Samsung’s dreams regarding the future of the facial recognition system included in the Galaxy S8, stating that these technologies will not be completely safe until at least in Of 4 years.

If you want to make payments from the mobile with the face, you will have to wait

According to the Korean newspaper The Korea Herald, Samsung’s face recognition system will not be safe and advanced enough to be used for financial transactions for several years.

In order for facial recognition to be used exclusively for financial transactions, it would take more than four years taking into account the current camera and levels of deep learning technology.

According to these statements, one of the executives of the Korean company has emphasized that, in fact, the system of facial recognition included in the Galaxy S8 is not intended for this purpose, but its main objective is to be a method of unlocking more , Less sure, than the reader of footprints or iris.

We do not need to use facial recognition for mobile financial transactions because there are already high-level biometric technologies such as iris and fingerprint recognition. The question that when it will be used does not make sense.

Be that as it may, what is clear is that mobile payments through facial recognition are still far from becoming usual. Luckily, today most smartphones have biometric technologies to be able to carry out transactions with a level of security sufficiently advanced.

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