Philosophy Tree Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo tree will not be shown considerable growth during the first 5 years. Motivator

Although every day watered and fertilized, the growth of only a few tens of centimeters only.

But after 5 years later, the growth of bamboo is very powerful and its size is no longer a matter of centimeters but meters.

So actually what happens to a bamboo tree ???

It turned out that during the first 5 years, he experienced a tremendous growth in the root (NOT) on the stem, which instead of the bamboo trees are preparing a very strong foundation, so that he can sustain his elevation dozen meters later decades later.

If we experience a bottleneck and failure, it does not mean we do not progress, but rather we are experiencing tremendous growth within us.

When we are tired and almost giving up in the face of the harshness of life, never occurred dashed expectations.

There is a proverb that says “the hardest part of a rocket to reach orbit is to get through the earth’s gravity” ( “the hardest part to be a rocket reached orbit is current through the gravity of the earth”).

If we look, part of the largest support equipment carried by a jet booster rocket was to pass through the earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

After a rocket past the atmosphere, jet rocket booster will be released and will fly with minimum fuel in space weightlessness, floating light, and without effort.

Similarly to humans, Heaviest part of a SUCCESS is when someone STARTED BUSINESS beginning of a struggle, because everything feels so WEIGHT & FULL PRESSURE.

But if he can pass a certain threshold, in fact one can feel all the ease and freedom of stress and burden.

Unfortunately, many people who SURRENDER when the pressure and burden deemed too heavy, like a rocket that failed to penetrate the atmosphere.

Buya Hamka said “if life merely live pigs in the forest also live and work if a job, apes also work”.

When the bamboo tree in a high wind, he ducked, but after the winds had passed, he will spring up again, like a life journey of a man who was never out of the trials and obstacles.

Then become like a bamboo tree !!!

The flexibility of bamboo trees teach us life attitude rests on perseverance in life, although storms and typhoons hit.

There is no turning back to continue to grow, there is no reason for latent within the limitations, because after growth for growth must be initiated from the ability to defend themselves in the most difficult conditions.

Make sure in the days ahead, our lives will * SOARING HIGH & become HOST THANKS * for others, such as bamboo trees.

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