Preparation of an earthquake, before the earthquake

Earthquake preparedness kit –¬†Given the position of the Earth Indonesia are located in areas prone to earthquakes , it helps meet earthquake resistant housing standards if you want to build a house. In those countries such as Japan and the United States have been tested for earthquake resistant buildings underneath by a slab of rubber (or in a method that is widely used in post-earthquake Yogyakarta: sand ) can minimize the risk.

Currently home try to continue to monitor the process. In order to get a sense of security of the buildings that you wake up and you will occupy. As and earthquake-resistant building materials can be read in the article is, or can also use other sources.

Gambar terkait

If you have a terraced house, place heavy objects on the bottom floor. This is in anticipation of the house that has not been built with earthquake-resistant construction so that in case of earthquakes heavy objects that do not harm the people who were on the bottom floor.

Following the program of insurance . Choose a credible insurance company.
In addition, preparation for earthquakes is to provide information on the earthquake (volcanic, tectonic) to the whole family. Provide clear information to all members of the family about the structure of the earth, an earthquake and ways need to be done before the earthquake, as well as ways to save themselves from earthquakes.

One method of providing information on the family is by turning filmn about earthquakes or read books related to the earthquake. Special socialization in children is necessary to note the development of psychologists.

Discussing earthquakes ahead of time can help reduce fear.
Following training evakuai held. Idonesia Governments are now starting to realize how the geographical position of Indonesia is very vulnerable, because of the government’s central or regional members serious attention to disaster management or disaster management, including conducting trainings to anticipate disasters and evacuations.

Saving securities in places that are safe and easy to reach. Do not put the securities at a place easily damaged, exposed to water or difficult to reach.

Setting up equipment P3K , toilet fixtures, flashlights, radios, food supplements and drinking water in a place that is easy to carry (bag, backpack). Keep these supplies are always available and place the bag / backpack in an accessible place. Remember, earthquakes can never be predicted, could Dating afternoon / evening. Special lighting torch (flashlight) should be held for more than one and placed in an accessible place such as, in the bedroom, living room, family room, kitchen.

Put your cell phone in an accessible place. When an earthquake occurred the mobile phone is an effective means to communicate.

Prepare also slippers / shoes that are easy to wear, because when an earthquake caused the roof to collapse, cabinets falling scattered, scattered glass, it requires prudence. Do not let the bare feet that does not make it difficult to move.

Store flammable materials in places that are not easily broken, to avoid the fire.
Always turn off water, gas, electricity when it is used. Make it a habit to turn off the electricity and gas stoves that are not needed at night before bed. When an earthquake happens, and you are cooking in the kitchen, max first turn off the stove, then tried to escape.

Regularly check the stability of objects hanging and easy to fall when gemnpa earth, like the chandelier, paintings, wall hangings, etc. closet. It’s good that menemel cupboard in the wall on a nail in the wall so that when an earthquake is not easy to collapse.

Park the vehicle with the position ready for use (the front of the vehicle facing outward)
Fill the fuel before it is parked. Remember, usually when an earthquake happens in the fuel can be difficult, if applicable, the price could go up 300-500%. So it’s good prepared before the earthquake to prepare for an earthquake .

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