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Road Test: An actress since 10, the L.A. native won the role over hundreds of ingénues. Says director Karen Moncrieff: "She had this vulnerability and fragility that grabbed my heart."

Mirror Check: During production, recalls Bruckner, "When the makeup lady tried to cover up one pimple I had, [Moncrieff] said, 'No, take the makeup off.'" That's a switch from her former gig as a young runaway model on TV's Bold and the Beautiful. In the soap, she says "I looked like a Gap model living on the streets."

Hazardous Conditions: For her sex scene with Statharin, "we in this hotel where the carpets were crunchy and the bed was disgusting," says Bruckner, who lives with her actor friend Francis Capra and his family in La Crescenta, Calif. (Her parents, Joszef, a businessman in his native Hungary and Nina, an L.A. homemaker, are divorced.) "It was very creepy, which turned out great for the movie." continue reading...

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Unknown Clipping

This Daughter of a Russian mother and Hungarian father isn't lacking in the looks department. In fact, 16-year-old Agnes Bruckner got her start in show business as a model.

But the Oregon native played ugly on purpose in the drama Blue Car, a hit from last year's Sundance, which opens in theaters May 2.

"They wanted an awkward girl," says the 11th-grader, who plays a lonely teen poet in love with her English teacher. "I let all my pimples show." continue reading...

Vanity Fair - March 2003

Bruckner got her start at the age of 11 on The Bold and the Beautiful. Of the soap, she says, "It was a really good experience...I'm shooting a movie in North Carolina right now called Stateside with Val Kilmer, Rachael Leigh Cook and Joe Mantegna, and Carrie Fisher. And I just finished doing a movie in Russia called The Long Sunset, with Anne Archer and Gérard Depardieu." in a few years everyone will be speaking Hungarian: "we shot The Long Sunset in St. Petersburg. I grew up in L.A. but my mom is Russian, so I’ve been there before-it's beautiful. And I speak Russian. And Hungarian ... my father lives in Hungary." continue reading...

Teen Vogue - Young Hollywood

As soon as critics caught Agnes Bruckner's powerful turn as a vulnerable, gone-wrong teen in this year's Blue Car, the Hollywood native had director's clamoring for their share of the former Bold and the Beautiful star, booking Agnes in three films. But she's not just another teen, as complex parts in Rick (with Aaron Stanford), Stateside (Opposite Rachael Leigh Cook), and this month's Home Room, alongside Erika Christensen, prove. "I'm not a fan of the whole teen genre," she says "Or rather, the role has to have depth. I hate simple characters." continue reading...

Teen People - What's Next

For nearly all of her 17 years, Agnes Bruckner has been told how mature she is for her age. Not surprising, given that she was just 11 when she started on the The Bold and the Beautiful From now on, the star of this year's Sundance Film Festival favorite Blue Car is destined to be known for her acting: Her performance, as one reviewer put it, "will be the envy of actresses twice her age." continue reading...

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