Recipe chicken along with Sambal Spicy Delicious Penyet  

Diet catering jakarta Recipe chicken as well as Sambal Spicy Penyet Delicious — this recipe mothers usually consumed Just as the main menus that will be presented in order to his family. no wonder that the recipe in several meals stalls, since these types of foodstuff in 2010 take pleasure in doing via everyone. although single modest, the particular dish is capable of arouse ones taste buds. Very Secure no matter whether anyone appreciate the dish In your colleagues or even ones brother as well as ones big family. for anyone connected with people which really including in order to eat chicken to be a side dish, you\’ll want to try the particular penyet processed chicken This really is able to be sure your own enjoyment of your tongue anda.Berikut explanation of an methods to make chicken penyet savory, delicious along with tasty.

Ingredients regarding chicken recipe penyet

1 entire chicken country — chicken cut up directly into 4 parts
Water 200 ml
Ginger 3 cm – mashed
Galangal 2 cm – mashed
Bay leaf 1 sheet
Cooking oil
Recipe chicken along with Sambal Spicy Delicious Penyet

chicken seasoning penyet puree

4 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon coriander
Turmeric 1 cm
Ingredients for sauce at chicken recipe penyet

Curly red chili 7 pieces
Red chili 7 pieces
Red tomatoes ½
Grilled shrimp paste ½ teaspoon
Kaffir lime leaves 3 pieces
½ teaspoon brown sugar
Basil leaves 2 sprigs
Steps in order to make chicken penyet

Enter ones chicken meat This has become cut in to 4 parts were on the water.
Enter your spice This may be for the puree subsequently enter your current material ginger, galangal input along with input bay leaves.
Cook until chicken becomes mature in addition to until your own spices soak into the chicken.
After chicken stew cooked, fry chicken until crispy. then lift ones chicken and also drain.
Blend your current ingredients due to the sauce The item has been provided before and mix basil as well as mashed (do not become too smooth).
Place your fried chicken inside sauce after that Click until penyet.
Penyet chicken prepared in present.
Penyet chicken recipe is actually served as well as ulekannya well. although impressed an little old school, but You may be fascinated from the pleasures. the particular meals is actually food The idea has existed considering that the days associated with traditional, As with penyet above sambal \’m competent to attract your current appetite. consequently with regard to the person regarding people who are usually not fond regarding eating, difficulty eating, or perhaps not appetite, always be careful on this one dish. the dish absolutely make people hungry tummy constantly since This is attached towards tongue makes people not want to be able to stop eating. You\’ll try the actual recipe in addition to serve It in the day connected with breaking the fast. You will in addition make sauces to help taste ones tongue. Make sure do not pass the sole meal.

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