Recipes for you to Make chicken Penyet  

Penyet chicken – can be a delicious dish This comes via Surabaya is usually served that has a special sauce chicken penyet, exactly How to Build a chicken is usually tantamount to help generating fried chicken throughout general, lone if the penyet after fried chicken will be instantly digeprek or dipenyet or whatever your current term will be principally meat ,, sis already flattened. But This has interesting, anyone know ,,, taste delicious and savory marinade bingits, addictive … Here sis appearance add with spicy sauces ,, Let whoever wants ,,, ,, he he pointed toe. no matter whether anyone wish, only push decrease to see your effortless recipes.

Penyet chicken
Material :

1 free-range chickens or perhaps ready though.
2 bay leaves
1 vertebra finger ginger, digeprek
2 knuckles ginger, crushed
250 ml water
The oil pertaining to frying

4 cloves garlic
1 vertebra finger turmeric
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp coriander
Blend all the ingredients seasoning
Material Sambal

7 pcs curly red chili
7 bh red chili
1 pcs tomatoes
2 lbr lime leaves
1/2 tsp brown sugar, salt in addition to grilled shrimp paste
How to be able to make chili pretty solitary step: chili puree many ingredients above, whether through automated means (blender) or maybe manually (mortar), in addition to set aside inside a mortar or even your current like. easy enough right?
Procedure regarding producing chicken special penyet

Cut chicken straight into 4 sections lone along with rinse thoroughly.
then boiled chicken along with spices, along with the bay leaf, galangal along with ginger until matang.Angkat.
After That fried chicken for an while as well as until berkulit.Angkat and drain.
Well, because of its and then actions place your own chicken on a good mortar containing chili along with penyetkan although inverted behind, therefore pervasive in meat sauces.
and chicken penyet ready to help eat.
So a series of tips to help make home-style flavor penyet chicken restaurant.

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