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The Galaxy S7 demonstrates if it still needed all the Samsung know-how in smartphone. Capitalizing on the uniquely popular chassis of the famous Galaxy S6, the Korean giant has improved all the other components while presenting a number of innovations, such as the “Always On” screen or the “Dual AF” camera.

The result ? A marking device, elegant and state-of-the-art, for which it seems difficult to find any gaps.
Easy handling

Mixing glass and metal, the chassis of the Galaxy S7 gives it a certain elegance. Far from the basic thick plastic blocks of the first smartphones, the chassis of the Galaxy S7 makes the latter a symbol of design, an object proudly sporting.

The “2.5D” screen (protruding over the ends of the chassis via a curved glass layer plug) sublimates the whole, while perfectly matching the overall shape of the phone. By touch, the finger follows the edges of the screen without ever feeling the slightest break: smooth and smooth, the Galaxy S7 releases itself from the assemblies. The finger flies over the phone, moving from place to place without having to get up.

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In addition, the dimensions and the angle of the edges of the device and the size of the screen (5.1 inches) have been studied carefully, in order to adapt perfectly to the palm of the hand.

As a result of all these efforts, the Samsung Galaxy S7 grip is optimal: firm to ensure the safety of the grip and reduce the risk of falling, while remaining soft and pleasant in hand!
Elegant and resistant

If elegance is one thing, robustness is another. Samsung is the latest in waterproof (IP68 standard) and dust-resistant! Whether you use it in the rain, outdoors or at the beach, the Galaxy S7 is not afraid of the elements! Water, sand, earth or even dust are indifferent, and allow no question as to the use of the Galaxy S7.

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