Jual kayu dolken –┬áDuring this time, the wood as a building material is often used by the people of Indonesia, in addition to supply of wood and many, also due to the nature of wood that gives the impression of a warm, classic, and beautiful to the interior and exterior of a building.

Hasil gambar untuk tips memilih kayu untuk rumah


To choose the right wood, first we must know in advance the types of timber traded in Indonesia. Based on the theory of the structure follows wood is wood-based classification class durability and strength:

  • Grades 1 and 2, for heavyduty buildings, which are always in contact with moist soil, wind or solar heat. This type of timber including, among others: Teak, Merbau, Bangkirai (Meranti Egg)
  • Class 3: For buildings and furniture in the shade of the roof that are not related to soil and moist. Among others: camphor, Keruing.
  • Class 4: For buildings and light furniture in the shade of the roof. For example: Meranti, Suren (Surian)
  • Class 5: For a temporary job / non-permanent, such as for the board formwork, scaffolding or crates.

Some examples of wood and use in everyday life are:

  • Ulin wood; wood is widely used for building materials houses, offices, buildings, and buildings including wood ironwood lainnyaKayu strength class I Durability Class I.
  • Teak; On the island of Java, teak wood is best known for its strength, but actually it is not as hard as wood, iron wood. Excellence teak wood has a dense fiber to be easily carved. Durable including wood to Class I, II and Strong Class I, II.
  • Bangkirai wood; wood Included with Durability Class I, II, III and Strong Class I, II. The nature of the severity also accompanied the high level of brittleness so easy dipermukaan.Karena hairline cracks appear strong, the wood is often used for heavy construction materials such as wooden roofs.
  • Coconut wood / glugu; coconut wood are also sdikenal with its power to reach pulhan years. But should we be able to pick and process them first. Coconut wood that comes from the lowland stronger from coconut wood that comes from the highlands.
  • Camphor wood; wood has a so-called camphor aroma of camphor wood. Stronger than serangat termites but has a lighter weight than iron and teak wood. Including wood with Durability Class II, Class III and Strong II, I

Tips on choosing the wood in general:

Wood has a dense fiber, the way we see what the wood pores pores of solid wood or loose. usually when a porous solid timber wood is heavy and vice versa if it is loose kayun wood is light.

  • Choose a timber that is straight, straight wood is easy to prepare and make matrial sills, doors.
  • Choose wood that is dry or oven, to avoid shrinkage and rubahnya wood.

Tips on choosing wood for frames:

Wood widely used as sills, door-window. The door frame is easy to come by, though now the price is very draining kantong.Jendela impressive wooden warm. This arises from the grain surface.

If you want to bring a window made of wood, it is important to see the quality. Quality is based on the strength, density, and likely to shrink / expand.

  • It is also important to choose a timber that is completely dry to the window. How to find out easily. Choose oven door frame has been perfect. It is important that your window will avoid shrinkage / expands once installed.
  • In addition to dry, kayupun be resistant to termite attack. You certainly do not want to see the window frame consumed by termites. Therefore, make sure the wood has been given anti termites before installation. If you do not want to use drugs to those on teak. Everyone knows, teak wood is very strong and resistant old rayap.Semakin, teak is getting stronger.
  • Another alternative is camphor wood. Wooden window frame which is commonly used as this window are manifold. Among the types of camphor, it is best to samantha camphor. Although there are camphor Singkil, terrain, compass, and banjo.

The use of wood for building materials needs to be done wisely because the production of very old wood. And wood production process needs to be done with the conservation system for sustainability is maintained

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