Shallots for Health Benefits

Efficacy Onion
In addition to its function as a food seasoning herbs, onion is also beneficial to health. Here are some of the properties of onion for health:

Controlling blood pressure
Just as garlic, onions are consumed without cooking or processed into juice, is believed to stabilize blood pressure levels. Red onions contain quercetin (an antioxidant flavonol) which improves blood circulation in the body, increasing blood production and also reduce the chances of a heart stroke. Put onion into the salad menu or blended into juice can also remove toxins from the body and is able to control your hypertension problem.

Cure constipation
Fibers contained in the content of raw onion helps release toxins or food particles that are difficult to digest by your gut. If you experience constipation or constipation try the consumption of raw onion.

Lowering Cholesterol
Shallots are also maintaining good cholesterol in the blood that help protect the body against heart disease. Research conducted by scientists Hong Kong which provide red onions that have been destroyed in hamsters that eating foods high in cholesterol.

Relieve sore throat
Onions are also known as ayurvedic medicine when you have a cough and sore throat. Puree onions, such as making juice and add a little ginger and honey.

Reduce the risk of diabetes
It also became one of the benefits of raw garlic. If diabetics consume raw onion is tantamount increase insulin production. For people with diabetes, as reported from Bold Sky, it is recommended to consume raw garlic regularly.

Reduce the risk of heart disorders
Consuming raw onion can protect the heart from disease coronary disease. Onions can also control high blood pressure and clogged arteries open.

Preventing the growth of cancer cells
The content of sulfur in the high onion can protect our bodies from the enlargement of the intestine. It also prevents the growth of cancer cells including breast, lung and prostate cancer. Onions are also believed to cure urinary tract disorders.

Overcoming hemorrhoids
According to research, raw onion can stop the bleeding and reduce pain in the rectum due to hemorrhoids or piles. By eating three times a day, pain and bleeding in the anus will disappear.

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