shoes that fit the style of clothing

The costume is by far the most professional outfit that is: with a tie and a proper belt, it gives an unequivocal business style. If one has already addressed the rules to follow when buying a suit, it is now time to ask another question: which pairs of shoes to wear with a suit?


This question is crucial: a poorly chosen pair will make a catastrophic result with your costume. It is even more true when it is cut: more than a look is well worked, moreunsightly elements are obvious. Gold shoes, contrary to what one might think, are an accessory that is very visible and noticed by others.


I offer a few basic principles and a selection of several shoes that are with costumes,the more formal the less formal.


A few rules to remember


1. If you wear a formal suit with tie and shirt combined, your shoes will have to follow the movement being themselves rather formal. To give an extreme example, you‘ll never wear loafers with a tuxedo.


2. If on the other hand you wear a suit more casual without a tie, the range of shoesthat you can wear with widens. You can even opt for formal or less formal shoes.


3 A dressed shoe must always be leather. Do not opt for synthetic materials (type leatherette): they will be much less pleasant to wear, will Warp quickly and won’t lastlong in your feet.

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The more formal pairs


The Richelieu


The Richelieu are dressed shoe classic. Classy, sober, they are classic and effective. Richelieu can not take risk and give a dressed result that works at all the shots. With their fine line, often discreet seams and a lack of flashy details, they do their job withjust elegance.


You can opt for a pair of black or Brown, depending on your tastes.


Brown Black Richelieu Richelieu

The Brogues


The Brogues are also among the shoes that are, but with a style they. They are rather thin as the Richelieu but have special keys: if their line is rather long, they are decorated with perforations (broguing) on a good part of their surface. They are thus part of formal pairs which give a more original than the Richelieu style.


Their aesthetic peculiarities that are these perforations sets apart them from (discussed below) derbies: they are over worked and thus win in style.


Brown style Brogues richelieu double_monkstraps

The formal pairs




Derbies are a pair of shoes formal but nevertheless less dressed. The major difference with the Richelieu lacing: for the Richelieu lacing is closed, it is indeed composedof carnations positioned on each side of the guarantors, these pieces of leather thatwelcomes the laces. jual sepatu converse murah Thus the vamp, which is the piece that is the front part of the shoe, passes by on these guarantors. The result is a lacing in the form of V.


Conversely, the lacing is open for derbies. The guarantors (hosting grommets wherespend the laces) are sewn on the upper.




The Monkstraps


The Monkstraps are also part of the shoes, but are less conventional than the Richelieu: they give a very particular style. With their single or double loop, they are largerand have a more clear-cut style. Either you crack or you hate. If you are concernedwith the first option, they will show you like out of the box and you want to take ownership of your style.


double_monk_straps double_monkstraps


The less formal pairs


The Dress Boots


The dress boots are less formal than the other pairs presented below, and for goodreason. Indeed, he can’t forget that the original function of the boot is to be an accessory to outside to protect us from climate. If the boots (and the dress boots therefore) have clearly evolved to become aesthetic, they keep no less in their DNA, theirbasic function. And that’s precisely what makes them less formal.


You don’t see a lot in France and its most popular overseas, yet they deserve their place in our collections of shoes.

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