Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

In the era of the all-powerful as it is today, all made easier through online. Not to forget, the online business also uses the power of the digital world to grow their businesses.

So how do they develop business?

One way is to create a website. The goal is to display the content they create on the website, in addition to a website for them is a place for the promotion of their products and business services. Once you have a website, the challenges faced by website owners is how to increase visitor traffic to their website.

Sound difficult? Yes it is true. Not easy to do but if you know the most appropriate way to increase website traffic, everything will be easier to live. You are one of the businessmen who want to increase traffic to your website?

Then you are reading the right article.

This article will discuss 25 surefire way to increase traffic halaman 1

Let us start.

Things Favored by Marketer & Business Owners

You can guess what their answer?

Try if you are asked like that, about what your response?

Yes! It is most preferred by marketers and business owners (even your own) in the world is getting more and more customers!

A surefire way to increase web site traffic is diverse, including the following …

  1. Advertising

This one is so obvious, we will see it first.

Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all ways very well to attract visitors , build your brand and turn your site in front of many visitors.

Adjust strategy you pay your goals: whether you just want to get more traffic, or you want to improve conversions , too?

Each channel paid has pros and cons, so think carefully about your destination before you arrive at the decision to use your credit card.

If you wish to get more traffic to your website which also will generate more sales, you should target keywords that have high commercial value as part of your paid search strategies.

You need to know, competition is very fierce for this search (and expensive), but the rewards will be obtained also in kind.

  1. socializing


Not enough if you merely create a good content and hope that people will find and read the content – you must be proactive.

One surefire way to increase your website traffic is using social media channels to promote your content .

Twitter is suitable if you are using the tagline is short, sharp and seductive. While the promotion via Google+ can help your web site to appear in search results personalized and seems very effective.

Social media giants such as Facebook suitable for this type of B2B business. If your company B2C, you may find a great appeal to many social sites using images such as Pinterest and Instagram .

  1. Combine all

There is no magic formula for successful marketing content, although there are some who can you trust.

Give variety to your content . Make it as attractive as possible for various types of readers.

You can intersperse content by posting news, video, infographics and pieces of data to deliver maximum impact.

  1. Writing Compelling Headline

Headline is one of the most important parts of the content. Without an interesting headline, postings of the most comprehensive blog though not necessarily read . Master the art of writing headlines .

For example, a writer at BuzzFeed and Upworthy often write more than 20 different headlines before settling on the one that will generate more traffic.

So think carefully about your headline before you hit “publish.”

  1. Consider On-page SEO

You think that SEO is not important? Think again.

Optimizing your content with search engines is still a valuable and useful practices.

Are you making the most of image alt text? Are you creating internal links to new content? How meta description?

Optimizing for on-page SEO does not have to be time consuming, and it is one surefire way to increase your organic traffic.

  1. Long-Tail Keywords

High commercial value of your keywords are not working properly? Time you use long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are usually used for web search, which means that if you do not target them as part of a paid search or SEO, then you will lose a great opportunity.

  1. Starting a Guest Blogging

You think that guest blogging is not useful? Then you are wrong.

Ever heard of it? Filling guest blogging on a reputable site to increase blog traffic to your web site and help build your brand into the activities of the bargain.

You have to pay attention to this, the standard for guest blogging has changed drastically, and spam tactics can give you a rebuke. So be careful.

  1. Other invite Guest Blog on Your Site

Guest blogging is a 2-way. In addition to post content to other blogs, you can invite people in your niche to blog on your own website .

Why would this be advisable? Because they tend to share and connect their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site.

Make sure that you only post the high-quality content, original, without any spam links, otherwise Google will assess your content as one guest blogging has a low quality.

  1. Trying Referral Traffic

Rather than trying to persuade other sites to link back to you (very tedious and time-consuming process), create content that includes a request to be connected.

When Larry, one of the authors in Wordstream an article on “The Kick In The proverbial Teeth That Ebay Took From Google’s Panda Update” , Wordstream managed to get a link from Ars Technica at the pick Editor are simultaneously connected to The New York Times and National Geographic ,

The result? Not too bad – but no results were soaring in referral traffic.


Learn what types of links that send the most referral traffic, and how to get them in this post .

  1. Posting Content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn not only as a place to find a new job. The professional social network in the world is now a valuable publishing platform.

You should be posting content to LinkedIn on a regular basis . It is also a great way to increase traffic to your site, and increase your profile in your industry.

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