Small living room design with neat décor is beautiful and comfortable

It has a living room with minimalist small size, does not mean you do not have to design the Interior seriously. Designing and decorating a living room which is good and right,  indeed sometimes quite confusing, especially if the size of the living room that we have quite a narrow or small and Petite.

Probably many we saw, both the family home or the home of our friends, the condition of the living room they have impressed greatly, even impressed feels suffocating and rather messy, this is possible because in the selection of furniture and space that is less precise.

The selection of furniture such as sofas and those settings are very important think you must do in order to make your living room are small and simple can appear neat and eye-catching luxury impressed even. Regarding this a few things you should pay attention to them is. ..

First, select the design and type of furniture with a small size with a minimalist model. This is the main thing to choose, because the design of the furniture that is too big will make your living space the more narrow and suffocating.

Furniture with simple size with neutral colors like white with a brown color combination at the front desk, will give a wider impression in the living room. You also add wall hangings with the motif of a large frame to sweeten the look of your living room.

Second, the right furniture arrangement techniques. Make sure in advance how your living room form, does tend to be more square-shaped or elongated or wide. If you tend to be elongated spaces you can use angular arrangement or dealing in parallel. If inclined square you can use with the four corner techniques for your furniture layout.

Spatial techniques with the right furniture arrangement, aside from conserve places can also make your living room more neatly arranged and comfortable impression.

Third, choose a neutral color like white. Color neutral color like white or creamy, highly recommended living room with small size, this is because the white color, in addition to spacious and clean impression, in psychology also provides a rapid an no clutter as well as suffocating or you can also use wallpaper beautiful with the colors that remain neutral. You can apply the color white at the dominance of wall color or on its own for its furniture.

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