Some Feature Tool Safe and Healthy Cooking

Want to buy kitchen supplies a safe and healthy? In the era of the all expensive as it is now of course a lot of people who want a cheap price. Not only cheap prices for foodstuffs and electronic goods only.

But also kitchen equipment that has a very important function. Mixer signora with the kitchen equipment certainly provide convenience for home mom the stairs in theprocess food. But do not just because of the pursuit of low prices, you do not pay attention on the safety and health of the equipment.

how-cared-nonstick pan

Here are some characteristics of  the cooker is safe and healthy:

1. Anti sticky

For housewives buy cooking equipment should use a non-stick feature. By using these features will certainly beautify the dishes are made. So that when the dishes served will be appetizing to those who consume them. But did you know that low-quality non-stick feature will only make the food consumed can lead to cancer.


It is recommended to use high-quality materials with a layer of enamel steel.

2. Stainless in pot

When cooking soup or fry other types of cuisine certainly takes the pot.

It is advisable to use a pan with the type of high quality stainless steel material. So that the content of nickel and chromium is little or none. This is because the type of nickel can be dissolved into the cuisine. So it is very dangerous when consumed and into the body Kita.

3. The steel pans

If you have any kind of pot made from steel. So when you use this pot, it’s good to be cleaned using soapy water, dry with a clean cloth.

Before you save it, give it a little vegetable oil and wipe gently. This is done with the aim to provide a coating on the steel pan. Thus will provide safe cookware.

A bit of information for you to know that this type of cookware easily corroded. So feared rust will go into processed food.

4. Glass

It is better when using cookware with glass material. Begin to read about the rules of life. This is because this type of glass is certainly not a good conductor of electricity. This type of material is difficult to conduct electricity or heat though put in the microwave. But the type of cooking equipment is safe because it does not contain therein particles are soluble in heated dishes.

5. Using a wooden

Compared with other types of materials is the use of wood is now abandoned. Everything is because this type of material looks traditional, simple black and easily damaged. But did you know that safe cooking equipment is the type of cooking equipment made of wood.

Especially when you cook it using steaming or boiling. Thus, you need to cook using a wood by processing the food.

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