At one time there Motivator Indonesia was a wise teacher who has the third best student, he gave a question to his students. The question is a very important question for the three disciples, because the answers to these questions that would determine who is right to replace the teacher. Here’s The Story of a Master of Wisdom and 3 Pupils!

The story of a sage
In a village, there lived a wise old teacher, He’s looking for someone who can replace him to be able to continue being a teacher to teach the good of his pupils. There are 3 best student chosen to be a candidate for replacement.

In choosing who deserves to replace the wise teacher, 3rd pupils were given a challenge by the teacher to answer a question. The question is “What is the meaning of wealth for people?”

To answer that question, the teacher then invited to the three disciples to go wandering about looking for answers to these questions.

After 3 years go wandering up and down mountain passes and villages, also from town to town to find an answer given by the teacher, 3 students to eventually return. Because now is time for these students to answer questions from the teacher.

Then the teacher invited his students one by one to provide answers to questions that have been given.

Answer Students First

The first pupil replied: “O my master, after 3 years of your pupils is to go abroad, I think the answer to the meaning of wealth for man is the root of evil. On the way, I met many many people who are willing to do things to gain wealth. They commit a crime by fraud, deceit, robbery and even they could be guilty of murder in order to acquire wealth. And even after they get rich, many of them then use the wealth obtained to perform a variety of actions that are not good. Many of them use such property to gamble, get drunk and fornicate. O my master according to the conclusions from my observations there is no good at all of the wealth “.

Teacher: “Oh, your observations are very interesting indeed my disciple. So what do you think what we should do? ”

First pupil: ‘I think man should abstain from wealth because wealth is the source of evil. So that we ourselves can always close and also remember to God Almighty, we have to live away from wealth. We must always hold ourselves to the Almighty and leave such worldly wealth was the bond. Because we need to purify our hearts by abandoning the things that can make our hearts turn to other than God Almighty. ”

Master smiled and then said: “You really have glory, O my apprentice. I am proud of you.”

The Master: “The disciples of both! Now it’s your turn, what do you say about the meaning of wealth for his being? ”

Answer Pupil Second

Second pupil replied, “We are sorry Pupil Teacher, I have a different opinion delivered by the first disciples. During my travels, I have met many kings and rich merchants they are really generous teacher. They used their wealth to build a place of worship, sympathize orphans, they gave food and build shelter for the poor and they also help those people who are in distress. They have been looking very much wealth, and wealth is used to perform goodness-many people. So according to my conclusion, that wealth is a source of goodness, because wealth can make people bring good to be able to give and to help people who are in distress. ”

Teacher: “What a remarkable observation of my students. So what do you think should be done? ”

Second pupil: “I think it’s important to look for human wealth. Because when wealth has been acquired by man, then surely people can live a better life, with such property he can do good things, he can send his children in order to obtain a good education, he also could worship in peace without worrying about the lack of money to feed his family, he also can use the money to help the family, charity and also help a fellow human being in need. Therefore man should not live in poverty Guru. We must strive with all the ability that humans can acquire wealth and of poverty. That opinion, Master!

The Master smiled and said: “You are the ocean of wisdom, O my apprentice. I’m so proud of you! ”

The teacher then turned to the Third Pupil:

“The third student! Now it’s your turn, what do you think about the meaning of wealth for human beings? ”

Answer Pupil Third

Third pupil told her, “Teacher, wander during that journey I have met many rich people are good-hearted, but there are many rich people are evil. Pupils also met with poor kind, but there are many poor people who are evil. Pupils also met with the rich devout and also always remember his Lord, but there is also a rich man who forgot God. As well as the rich, the students also met many poor people who always remember God, but there are also poor people who forget their God.

The Master smiled: “So what do you mean my students, what is the meaning of wealth for human beings?”

Third disciples: “In my opinion, it is merely a tool of wealth. Because, basically, everything will go back to the man himself. Humans who have lived a good purpose, it will use such property as a tool for he embodies kindness. And conversely, when humans do not have a goal that is not good, then wealth will be used for things that are not good too. Thus the purpose pupil, Master. ”

Teacher: “So what do you think should be done?”

Third disciples: “Man must know where he is going. By knowing where he will go, then whatever he has in this world is a tool, not a goal. Including wealth. ”
Teacher: “So where are humans going to go?”

Third disciples: “Human beings are creatures of God Almighty. Therefore, it should kesanalah all humans went. If humans have realized the goal, then the property owned can be a vehicle to get closer to God Almighty.

But if otherwise, then it certainly can also create human wealth away from the Lord Almighty. ”
The Master smiled and then said: “O my pupil, you truly are a source of wisdom and knowledge of the ocean. Now you are a new teacher in this college. ”

And a simultaneous two other students, Paying homage to the three students who are now elected a new teacher diperguruannya.

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