Summer Camps For Children And Teenagers, The Proposals For 2015 Between Nature And Foreign Languages

Summer Camps For Children And Teenagers, The Proposals For 2015 Between Nature And Foreign Languages

What are the summer camps for children and teenagers The proposals for 2015 between nature and foreign languages ??for an original holiday full of fun but also culture. Let’s find out what are the associations that organize summer holidays for children and young people to choose the one that suits the needs of your children.

The summer camps are a great idea to spend your children a holiday of discoveries learn English in a fun, learn about nature, get practical experience and workshops The types of summer camp for children and teens are many and are meeting the diverse needs of families; some are just a day and expect to return home every evening, while others include room and board for several days, giving the opportunity to the children to take responsibility and become autonomous experiencing a large.

For children there is a fun way to grow and experience the separation from the mother, while the older ones is to test themselves in new and challenging activities, making best use of the resources at home hardly express. Even for adults can be a growth experience because in a position to experience the distance from their children, overcoming moments of nostalgia and concern for the children who grow slowly even by their own efforts.

What are the best summer camps in Italy to give your kids a few days of fun and study There are some that link to the direct contact with nature, going to air all day open to explore the environment, while others focus more on learning while also providing lectures.

Among the firsts summer 2015 there is the summer camp Childrenshare of Expo 2015, a camp for children aged 5 to 12 years organized in collaboration with MUBA (Children’s Museum of Milan), with the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy For the life. The project aims to raise awareness among children on nutrition and respect for the planet and provides multitude of exhibits, workshops and games for the whole duration of exposure. Among the types of laboratories we find that for the preparation of bread, the testing of corporate waste material to provide creative ideas and give new life to objects and the game-workshop dedicated to the biodiversity of fruit and vegetables in season that will be explored by the children through creative techniques on paper, collage, silkscreen.

The WWF Summer camps for kids, tweens and teens are really special holidays, and are followed by professional entertainers, with an animator every 8 or 10 children depending on the age group. The WWF campus exploit the precious help of local operators experts through cooperatives and local companies to organize your holidays in places very interesting from a naturalistic point of view of environmental and historical. The one with the WWF is also an educational experience that can give a concrete contribution to the projects that the association supports, becoming part of activities in the protection of nature and biodiversity.

The range of age groups from 7 to 11 years for primary school children, aged 11 to 14 for those of medium, and 15 to 17 years for high school. Offers range from holiday in the mountains of Valle d’Atosta, Basilicata at the Natural Bosco Pantano of Policoro, from Lazio to the discovery of astronomy in the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno, until you reach the Marine Park Calabria Coast the gods to discover the marine biology and nautical trekking kayak at the Tuscan Archipelago National Park Elba Island.

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