The Benefits Of Tourism In Mylife

With regard to the tourism sector, known to travelers and travelers. Both of these terms are certainly related to people doing tourism activities. A traveler is someone who travels from his / her place of residence to visit elsewhere, and dwells there for more than 24 hours with the following purposes.


To use leisure time, whether used for recreation (vacation), health needs, lessons, and knowledge, as well as for worship and sport, Please visit our official website immediately Bus Pariwisata

For business or business purposes, family visits, performing tasks, and attending conferences. If someone travels less than 24 hours, it is classified into the traveler. The tourists are distinguished into domestic tourists or tourists archipelago (wisdom or wings) and foreign tourists or foreign tourists (tourists).


Increased business opportunities for residents or communities living around the tourist attraction.

The tourism sector can absorb labor that can increase the income and welfare of the population.

State revenues increase in taxes from both arriving tourists and taxes from social facilities in tourist areas, as well as the advantages of foreign currency exchange with Indonesian currency for tourist purposes.

Maintenance of environmental sustainability and national culture. With the tourism, the public always maintains the integrity and sustainability of tourist attractions, both attractions of natural beauty, buildings and historical heritage, as well as traditional cultures of society, come here

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