The Best App For Running, The 5 Applications To Run Better

The Best App For Running, The 5 Applications To Run Better

You like to run? Here are the best free apps for the race that calculate routes, pinning progress and face new challenges, and to hear a little ‘music to recharge during training. The best those who have already tried everything.

Once the idea of ??putting on a whole and start running perhaps could pass for a tedious and not at all exciting; for some years instead run it is one of the activities that most is in fashion, probably because those who practice it appreciates the beneficial effects on mind and body, but mainly because you can enjoy total flexibility, without timetables, deadlines and appointments.

You like to run? You do often? Go alone? Then you absolutely can not do without an app for the race that makes it more engaging workout, taking into account the distance traveled, calories burned, and other parameters and objectives which can definitely spice up your daily jog. Here are some of the best app for racing that you can download for free on iOS and Android devices.

‘Probably the smartphone application most downloaded and used by supporters of the race. Calculates distances, it relates to the calories burned and allows you to set a series of very useful parameters that also motivate those who do not go running in the company. It ‘available in both free and paid, with features and different types of training.

Nike +
This application is not very different from the previous one, but it has that something extra that makes it attractive in the eyes of many. In addition to calculating time, distance and calories burned during exercise, also it allows you to listen to music and receive positive comments from Nike athletes.

Strava Run
If you are a bit ‘lazy and sometimes you feel like giving up, Strava Run is the app that can help you not to give up, because not only analyzes the performance but motivates you with monthly challenges to confront their friends runner.

Map My Run
Like the other is an app dedicated to running that keeps track of your activities and progress but provides a wider view, allowing you even get dark power information.

Zoombie Run
This undoubtedly is an app different from others because the component “training” adds compose playful game: in this game you will need app-reach areas shown on the smartphone line in time, unless you want to be taken by zombies. The only flaw is that the application is entirely in English and is available only in the paid version, but the fun is guaranteed.

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