The best puzzle game for Android and iOS

Smartphones and tablets are well suited to the puzzle game hit and run. Let’s find out the best representatives of the class in this article that collects the best brainy game for Android and iOS.

Device 6

The puzzle games are experiencing a real boom thanks to mobile devices. The touchscreen is ideal for the intuitive controls of the genre and the short but intense mental challenges are perfect to meet the needs of those who want to have fun on the move. Give puzzle abstract titles that make use of physics to intricate crimes to solve. Take a look at these 15 challenging puzzle game that you can enjoy anywhere, and enjoy!

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga ( Android , iOS ) brings a little ‘of “sweetness” in the gaming world “match-3” – where you have to align three or more identical elements one after the other – and challenges players to score the score higher limiting the number of moves performed. The graphics in a cartoon style, a relaxed pace of the game and an incessant amount of content related to social networks have transformed from a mere hobby to a real hit of the casual game played every day by users of all ages, try toy blast┬ácheats

Bad Piggie’s Rovio

Bad Piggie’s Rovio ( Android , iOS ) reverses the style of play that has made the famous Angry Birds brand. Instead of break everything using the angry birds the players will have to help the pigs to assemble contraptions and machines to reach the required point. All this without damaging the plump green helpers. It is not as intuitive as Angry Birds but it is the same as a fun puzzle game based on physics.

The Room

The Room ( Android , iOS ) is set in a room containing a small box to be opened using clues and tools scattered around the environment of the game or in the box. A simple premise for a puzzle game very complex. Very nice graphics, eerie atmosphere and fiendishly clever puzzles make this game a real treat. A little touch of class: the way in which the developers have taken advantage of touch controls to return the feeling of spin and really touch knobs, levers, switches and more.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room

Layton Brothers Mystery Room ( Android , iOS ) is a tie in the famous brand Professor Layton and is presented to the players as a game in which you have to solve a series of crimes. A surveyor alongside Alfendy Layton and his shoulder Lucy Baker’ll have to investigate the crime scenes, examine evidence and interrogate suspects and witnesses, in a mixture of a visual novel and a real adventure. The first two cases are available for free to allow players to take a look at the game, while the other crimes can be bought through in-app purchases.

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