The Books Of Photography What To Buy

The Books Of Photography What To Buy

There are thousands of photography books on the market. Some are just summaries, other image collections, others are real masterpieces. Extricate though the shelves of a library is not easy, especially if you are beginners. Among the thousands of books available only a few are capable of interfacing with readers in a simple and direct, with clear language and accessible to everyone, including beginners. My goal in this article is ndirizzarvi to these volumes, in the hope that they will enrich your library but especially your photographic juices flowing.

Photography Courses

Scott Kelby is probably a good starting point for those who want to approach the world of photography or for those who need to extend their capabilities the author has in fact published four volumes is particularly interesting for those who are ignorant of photography (the first) and for those who want to develop (the next three). This is basically a very good school of photography to accompany photographers neophyte from toddlers up to advanced techniques.

Besides the already mentioned Scott Kelby, another author to add to their library is Michael Freeman, author of many books on photography for all budgets and all levels of photographers. In particular, very interesting for those who want to work on the techniques of composition in the following volumes

For those who wish to delve more targeted topics, recommend three books that deal with, respectively, the photograph in black and white, the importance of lighting in photography and the vision of the photographer, a volume in which Freeman explains how to interpret the images of the great teachers of history and draw valuable lessons.

Michael Langford is the author, among other things, of two treaties particularly appreciated by the public and photographers. The New Treaty of Modern Photography is a guide that covers all aspects of photography, from capture to printing, with simple language and be able to drive even newbies. The second volume, the New Treaty of Advanced Photography is instead intended for aspiring professionals and includes a series of tests to practice their skills.

The history of photography

I suggest, for those who wish to delve into the history of photography, reading books authored by Graham Clarke (The picture. A cultural history and visual) and Beaumont Newhall (History of Photography). The second is a volume that traces an analytical history of photography from its invention, while the book signed by Clarke traces the history of photography through images of the leading interpreters of this art, focusing on the representation of landscapes, cities , portraits and so on.

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