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If you are looking for a look both impeccable and current, we have found one perfect for you thanks to the suggestion of @dandypotosino. Today we decided to analyze clothing that Neal Caffrey uses so you can look how a stylish white collar.


Matt Bomer is those guys that upon entering any place become the center of attention, either by his enviable physique or large-sized. Series White Collar, Jeff Eastin, creator was set precisely at this while searching for his character, Neal Caffrey. This had to perfectly exemplify the values of timeless elegance, an instant charm with women and a unique style to dress. At the same time, Caffrey shows that magnetic Picardy from a white-collar ex-criminal.


That is why this week we decided to show you how to dress in a way neat and classic, being a set of applicable to take to work, in important meetings or simply to impress that new girl that just arrived in the office.


1 black coat


The series takes place primarily in the cold New York. Yes, we know that in Mexico the climate is warmer and a shelter is not the easiest, but this can always be a good choice for those cloudy days. Use a light coat that you cover the cold and serve you as a raincoat for rainy season is something very useful. One Suit Supply here.


2. three piece suit


This is a classic that always works. To take the suit to the maximum, it is important that this is of the correct size to achieve that you look fit or fitted. This is accentuated thanks to a narrow lapels, double breasted and the use of the vest. Our recommendation of color are two basic infallible: dark blue and black.


3 shirt


Thomas Pink was the brand responsible for dressing the character with their excellent shirts. Regardless of whether they were classical or wide neck, these shirts used by Caffrey contrast with his suit because the color base is white and its discreet pattern. To get that same sinlessness we recommend choosing a traveller shirt, designed especially to not wrinkle.


4 tie and pisacorbatas


Caffrey style is based on the icons of clothing of the 1960s. It is why it is required to make thin ties and with simple geometric patterns. In addition, jual sepatu converse pendek they should always match the suit and shirt. As final detail to achieve perfection, the use of the metal pisacorbatas you can serve as unmistakable symbol of elegance and distinction.


5 scarf


The key to carry a handkerchief properly is as follows: if already wear patterns on your shirt (no matter the discrete that are), the handkerchief should always be solid and neutral color. You bend it the traditional way or “straight” as a masterly in its function of complement.


6. shoes


To maintain this style, shoes should be as simple as you can and in dark tones like black. The ideal model are these timeless derby of Salvatore Ferragamo you are presenting here. Oh, and never forget to weigh them always well boleados.


7 Hat


An accessory that we saw in some chapters of the series was the hat, type of homburg or fedora. Both models have their origin in the 19th century and are a very good resource to customize your style. However, you should check that not make too and go according to styles such as that we are presenting here.


8. eye glasses


Finally, it is undeniable that the use of ophthalmic lenses has become fashionable. In addition, their use is not restricted only to if you have some disease of the view. You can use them because you think that he adds an intellectual and interesting touch to your style.

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