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A product of French mythology, the sneaker is an good collect for those working lead go looking for shoes suitable for the summer season. It keeps the foot airy while maintaining a walk-to calmnes. The macrocosm of the sneaker is divided into two categories: the demagogues that create their produced in the purest mythology to its implementation of designing( not all the time in the matter of confection) and the individuals who seek to revisit it while preserving the regional centre. Garde is part of the second category and wanted to improve the initial is considered to afford a stock halfway between the conventional sneaker and the sneaker. Today we researched their duo of” Gili 1″ constituted in collaboration with this symbol of swimsuit already appeared in our expanses. Report in PICTURES:

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The symbol
Originating in the Basque Country, Astrid and Alexandre have soaped their lives in regional lores. The sneaker is one of them and is part of the internationally recognized know-how of this part of our beautiful country. Simply, it is about to change that the matter is stock has shortcomings, as artisanal and conventional as it is. Fragile , not always pleasant, the sneaker is improved, reason why they embark the specific characteristics of a version that would keep the substance. In 2014, he was born a “avant-garde” in Old French, and his collection of sneakers inspired by the original sneaker. More delightful, spray resistant, a hybrid duo that are able wear in the summer without the believed to be accompanying barefoot.

Branded Sneaker France
Technical data
The men’s range of sneakers is composed of a single simulation in 25 colours, two of which are dedicated to a partnerships with the French symbol Gili, specialized in the swimsuit. It is one of those two pairs that we have had in our hands for the test of the day with this noticeable decoration that will give memories to the faithful for several years( cf .: Test swimsuit Gili ). Thus, the simulation of the symbol comes in a blueprint rather close to that of the ordinary sneaker but with more outfit because it is not slump. Likewise, its seed is inflated with further element in order to give it the specific features chassis of the mark.

Reinforcement Guard Sneakers
On its seed made from a cloth with a coherent magazine, a cotton buttres is placed at the level of the toes as well as at the end position. The footwear is similarly reinforced by a deprive of this same fabric chosen in a fluo yellowish and elongated over the part bind of the ankle. The sneaker is organized on a conventional rope insole with the purposes of applying metal consider button. Underneath, this duo has the incongruity of being given with a rubber-resistant outsole make use of scatter. The interior has a natural leather sole and latex sud in order to guarantee a delightful saunter. Finally, the Gili 1 is made from substances from European shops( Spain, France, Italy) and manufactured under Spain, some other countries with a prestige for sneakers.

Sneakers Notice
Originally from the Southwest and amateur of sneakers in their purest blueprint, I was curious about what could be given these principles of scatter resistant soles. I had also experienced the collection of Gili t-shirts, especially for its photocopies that I was agreeably astounded to unearth within the line of the Garde. In all such cases, the symbol treats its parcel and the sneakers are delivered in their cardboard carton to its emblazons with a cloth carrying pocket as well as original mailing-cards. Inside is the pair that distinguishes itself by its fluorescent yellow shape, remembering the line of the Gili makes. It is a strong bias but will be of best available accomplish formerly the sneakers at the hoof.

Box Sneakers
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Sneakers Warding Unpacking
Beyond this very striking feature, the whole duo has a happy sketch. They are a beautiful blueprint very faithful to the original if not the presence of a tongue so that it can better stranded them. The fabric is beautiful with its etched “tiles”( tiles of Spanish earthenware and/ or protuguais) which leaves it a highly graphic provision. It is half way between cotton and mesh with a rather unfold signature presageing any particular lightness and a port calmnes.

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