The Hollywood actress turns 10 happy holiday to Indonesia you know!

The beauty of Indonesia is already no doubt. Nature is beautiful and diverse culture also be the main attraction for tourists in the country and abroad, including a row of Hollywood celebrities. Who are Hollywood actress who choose a vacation in Indonesia? Maybe you many who do not know.

Here ya list of 10 artists who’ve visited Hollywood tourist attractions Indonesia, which are summarized from various sources. Who knows, you also want to follow in his footsteps, vacation ala Hollywood actress.

1. Charlie Chaplin to Bandung

In 1932 ago, pantomime actor Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. or better known as Charlie Chaplin proved’ve been to several cities in West Java, such as Garut and Bandung. Even one of the hotel ever stop him, the Grand Hotel Preanger, Bandung making “traces Chaplin” in the form of a chair occupied by it in 1932 ago. Red color with wooden chairs are displayed along with a photo poster Charlie Chaplin.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow to Komodo Island

Actress players The Avengers and Iron Man’s visit to Indonesia in May 2013 ago. Gwyneth Paltrow opted for a trip to Komodo Island along with his two sons, Moses and Apple. After vacationing in Indonesia, he told of his experiences during his vacation in the island of Komodo, and write down how much he was amazed by the beauty of Indonesia. In fact he said that his visit was a dream come true.

3. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to Bali

The pair married in July last year, it is also never too loh vacation to Indonesia. Precisely August 5, 2012 they landed at the International Airport Denpasar, Bali. At that time, the couple is still a romantic relationship after both starred in the ’70s Show. Seen a picture of them who was holding hands and reportedly ya, they stay at Amanusa Beach Resort, Nusa Dua Bali, wah interested for nginep there are also guns?

4. Richard Gere to Borobudur

Actor Richard Gere is a Buddhist. And as a good religious, he is already planning his spiritual travel tour to visit different places or historic sites of Buddhism in the world, one of them in Indonesia, namely Borobudur. He visited in 2011 by taking part in several activities including Atisha arrival 1,000 years, 100 years celebration of the modern restoration of Borobudur temple, 200 years old Raffles find Borobudur, and 20 years of the launching of the UNESCO.

5. Paris Hilton to Bali

Not once or twice, celebrities heir to the Hilton Hotel, Paris Hilton have been countless how many times to come to Indonesia. He often visited Indonesia to spend their free time. He avoids the winter in America and toward his favorite villa in Seminyak, W Retreat & Spa. Bali. One visit sempet uproar ya, is meeting with selebiti Indonesia, Syahrini in 2015 ago. In his instagram account, he wrote “Beautiful evening at Starfish Restaurant with my girls Magda, @CariLeeArt & @PrincesSyahrini. #GirlsNightOutinParadise #WHotel #Bali “.

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