The northern part of Germany: Hamburg, modern city with unique architecture

It seems to have become the rule of thumb of any students that when red date is holiday time. Similarly, while Hemelvaartsdag may 29, 2014, I and Diamond planned to capitalize on the streets the moment empty. Like vacation time to Belgium, we could not have planned this holiday away today. This is due to the flurry of preparing Indonesian Day 2016. Be new can make a plan about two weeks before.

After going through the various considerations, finally decided for the streets to Germany. Actually want to go to a place that’s a bit much. However, because already the souvenirs, ticket (plane) the price is already expensive. Be to Germany are relatively close. Furthermore, the two of us had never been to Germany.

Originally there were plans for a tour of the entire section in Germany, at the same time want to Stuttgart, visit our friend. But once seen on a map, it turns out that Germany is extensive, at least four times that of the Netherlands. It felt became too hasty if Germany tour should only for four days.

Our friends also say if Germany better to split, to the North in the past, the other new times to the South. Advice that makes sense, then we finally determine the route of the Groningen – Oldenburg – Hamburg – Berlin – Dresden – Hannover – Bremen – Groningen. All reached by road.

For those of you who need your itinerary (planned) trip to the northern part of Germany, I attach it here, complete with the charge and travel plans per city. We usually plan in detail if desired to the streets. So that no confusion when it comes to somewhere unfamiliar. At the same time in order to perform the time efficiency. All must be calculated, is it expensive streets anyway also in Europe, expensive again. But now it’s easy. The origin of the diligent search information on Google and Google Maps, create the itinerary that’s not difficult.

We set off from Groningen Wednesday, may 28, 2014 to the Oldenburg Public Express bus 17:15. Deliberately select the hours most mornings so as not to “lose time” holiday. In addition, so that it’s cheap. At the time it is not a rush/peak hours, usually a cheaper ticket prices, when we can price tickets Euro 7/person. Public Bus Express bus that Germany is one of its main route is line in northwestern Europe, from Groningen to Berlin. The bus is nice, clean, and comfortable. There is free wireless internet facilities inside the bus.

Station Oldenburg
We got to the Station Oldenburg 08:00. While waiting for the train to Hamburg 09:06, we browsed at the station and turns out very small, Oldenburg Station of Groningen. So peeking inside out also the same station longer. Reasonable, Oldenburg is a town with a population of only around 150,000 thousand inhabitants.

From Oldenburg we go to Hamburg and this time use the train. The main service providers in Germany is DB Bahn. There are many alternative services, when that’s what we choose is the Länder-Tickets. This is the sort of regional day-tickets are valid for one full day and applies to a single State. Germany consists of some States. Oldenburg, Bremen, and Hamburg is located in a State that is of Lower Saxony.

So the valid tickets, a full day in the State that we choose. The price of a ticket is 10 euros. However, for later, just add 4 Euro only. So the time we spent 26 euros for two people. These tickets can be used up to 5 people at a price of 38 euros. Very cheap, if not go five a need only pay less than 8 euros. These tickets are also valid for transport within cities (bus, tram, metro, etc) in the State.

We got to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof at 11:23. This station is the busiest train station in Germany. Trains in Germany according to me better than in the Netherlands. Newer facilities and also a condition in the carriage cleaner. In addition, young Germany is also not noisy like a young child in the Netherlands if the train. So to Hamburg, it turns out that air is pretty cold weather forecast, in contrast to our check. Be quite wrong costume, especially the Diamond carries only a thin jacket.

We headed to the first destination. As a large city with a population of nearly two million inhabitants, Hamburg has a good public transport run by the HVV. The City Government provides public transport site very useful for tourists. As already mentioned, we have a Länder-tickets, so no need to buy daily tickets that cost about 5.9 – 7.3 Euros/ticket is valid for a full day of subway (U), (S) commuter rail, bus and ferry. The first objective is the Hamburg Town Hall. That time we used the U3 from Hauptbahnhof and stop off at the Rathaus is right in right destination object. Actually could walk away. But due to the cold weather and there’s already a ticket sign-on, we chose to ride the subway alone.

Hamburg Town Hall is a building dating back to the 19th century and until now some are still used for the activity of the Government of the city. That time in the history of the exhibition there are police and there is no entrance fee. Building forms in dominated by Arch ornament. Conditions inside the building that time was not too crowded so we were free to explore.

From the town hall we marched towards the Alster Lake. The two sites are located in the neighborhood of downtown so it’s quite a short walk away. One of the Alster lake water source is from the river Elbe. A large lake, which looks in the photo is just a small part at the end only. In the Lake there is a garden environment. If the weather is nice, looks like fun sit relaxed around the Lake.

But since that time the weather was not too friendly to be the intention to sit relaxed that we cancel. We were told by a local resident that Hamburg is famous as one of the “Venice of the north”, because of the many canals in the city, even more than in Amsterdam. We are quite amazed with this explanation. However the Canal-used channel did not seem as much in Amsterdam. May be covered by road or not too noticeable because of the size of the city of Hamburg.

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